Finally an update

It has been ages since I have updated so I need to find the time to keep record of things school has been great I just finished up my 4th semester in motor control I had all of last week off school but I worked all week and Thursday and Friday this week was also off from school I did a couple wiring jobs that paid very well and with garage work and my wiring jobs I have made almost enough to cover the bills for this month this is a good thing less I need to pull out of my precious savings account I hope I am continue to make extra money am looking forward to graduation in December. My next semester is AC/DC theory and DC motor troubleshooting all lecture and no lab so this next 10 weeks will be a little more difficult plus I have one class in applied math that has me worried.

Our weather has been just beautiful although we could do without so much humidity that makes it expecially hot at the garage but the weather says that will soon improve. I have not had near the riding I had hoped for this summer but I do get out as much as possible.

Dad is till hanging in there although he is getting weaker and weaker as time goes by he is determined to see my graduate and I just hope he makes it..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉