one a year update

I am soo lazy with my diary it has been since last February since i last updated, now here it is almost Thanksgiving again, Well i am still working then economy does not seem to have affected the Railroad except for the cut down in overtime but that suits me just fine I have been working way too many 6 day weeks. In the beginning of October I got a really bad abscessed tooth, I have always had problems with my teeth I suppose from not properly taking care of them when I was younger so I went to the dentist and had an xray and discussed my options, the best option was to extract them all and get dentures, So I did, that was very traumatic for me I had no idea it would be like that but thanks to the little pill they gave me for the night before the date I had it done, no no more tooth ache and I now am told I have a great smile, I miss Steak LOL but I am slowly getting used to them and I suppose I need to lose 25 pounds also because that is haw much I lost I don’t enjoy food nearly as much as I did and nothing has taste it did before but it is done and i am glad I finally did it.

Moving on, I and burning through my firewood now it relly turned cold and snowy way too early but it is winter in Pennsylvania so we deal, I took a personal day tomorrow to help Mom cook Thanksgiving dinner she has been sick lately the dontors don’t know exactly what is wrong she is bleeding internally somewhere I took her to the doctors today and they scheduled some more tests she feels Ok but just very weak so I have been spening as much time as I can to help her out.

Ok I must update more often I will try

Happy Holidays