Everything works out

I decided on taking the second shift at work 3:30 till Midnight with weekends off I am used to it now and am liking it as there is nobody else here at home except for Bertha and she has now adjusted to my new shift, I really like my job there are only 4 of us on afternoon shift and they teach me everything I am now driving the Locomotives there is just something unnerving about being in control of a 20 ton Locomitive with 3000 HP engine there only thing I need to improve on is my speed I only move at notch 1 and they said I need to go to notch 2 and move a little faster there are 8 total notched on the throttle. i will work on that.
Mom stopped over when she got out of the car she was crying today she put her house up for sale she was quite upset She has lived there for 50 years, I did not know what to say to make her feel better so we went and got my hair cut, (that always makes Mothers feel better) then went to DingBats for lunch and after that we went to look for Mobile Homes for her, she is moving here onto a trailer pad I have on my property. She found a beautiful Double Wide that she just loves and it is in her price range so I finally got home and she is thrilled with the idea of buying her new Double wide and is now making all sorts of plans so I guess I did the right things she feels 100% better now. She is leaving next Monday to visit her sister in Arizona and I think where she was going to live was upsetting her, now she can go and have a good time and not worry about the home situation.
Tomorrow is my first Fathers day without Dad, That will not be east but we are still getting together at Mom’s like we always did, I am going to go pick up a cake and stop to visit the grave then will go to Mom’s and have a cook out.I really Miss Dad.