Life Goes On

So it has been so long I just must get better at this, First a couple months ago Mom and I were working on my spare room and noticed the ceiling was wet sure enough my roof was leaking, made me think is Sheryl’s nightmare, anyhow I got an estimate of almost $6000.00 that was for new wood, new shingles and redoing my porch and new gutters. I got a home equity loan and got the job done it turned out great and now I am dry inside.

Work is going good afternoon shift suits me and I am learning a lot I was set up as a Machinist with a nice raise I am now as of Oct.23 making top rate $19.29 can’t complain there, expecially with OT. I am right now in Buffalo New York, I drove up yesterday for engine classes I will be here all week and drive home Friday evening today was my first day of classes now that I know my way around I am quite comfortable I am staying at Comfort Inn it is a really nice place.

Mom is doing OK she is keeping pretty busy the 15th of November will be one year since Dad passed away I think she will have a hard time that day so I took a personal day and will go visit her and take her shopping and out to eat I have not told her yet I will make it a surprise.

My bike is put away for the winter ;-( but I got a lot of good riding in but there just comes that time, I am behind on my wood for winter I have 1/2 of what I need I waited till the porch was all done before getting the second load I will do that next week after I get home

Enjoy Life