Last Entry of 2004

Christmas went by and was a good day for all except for the fact I was sick as a dog it started Christmas Eve and really got bad Christmas day my head felt like it was going to explode I could not stop sneezing and coughing it was horrible I took my gifts to Mom’s and my box of Kleenex and found a spot in the corner of the room to suffer Mom gave me some meds and I did start to feel somewhat better but still left around 5:00 to come home and suffer alone, it hung on for a couple days but finally it is totally gone a friend called Wednesday morning and needed help insulating his attic and the attic of his rental house since I was bored and needed to get out I went and helped my job was to keep the hopper full of insulation while it blew through a long hose and into the attic we blew a total of 35 bags what a long day then we went to eat after LOL I work for food these days, the next morning I was so sore but glad I finally got to put in a good days work for a change.
It has been great having all this time off I have been moderatly lazy this is the first time I can ever remember having time off during the holidays I was invited to lunch by an ex Co worker Thursday we had a good lunch and got caught up on all that was going on then I just hung around the shop to visit that was nice but I sure do miss it.
I am hope for the night spending New Years Eve by myself it is nice and quiet I was invited to one party but I politely declined I just don’t care to be around really drunk people and these guys started this morning so no thank you.
I spent a lot of time today reflecting on the events in my life during 2004 I realized the only bad thing was being laid off from my job and I started to list the good things that have happened and discovered the good outweigh the bad many times so I started to really feel good about things and am looking forward to a great 2005 LOL at least I can’t lose my job again so it will without a doubt be a better year.
I hope and pray everybody has a great and fullfilling 2005
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

French Vanilla Cool Whip

Finally Christmas vacation is here we only had an algebra test today I think I did OK other than that it was just more or less a day off we all brought in food and after third period we just ate and watched a movie “Spider Man II” then we got to come home at Noon, that made for a nice day. I finally had to break down and go to the store while browsing the isles I spotted French Vanilla Cool hip OMG is it good I don’t have nothing to dip in it so I am just going to eat it out of the bowl it came in it is delish.I figured I deserve the treat.
I watched this show called “Wife swap” there was nothing else on so I watched t actually it was pretty funny. I am not sure what tomorrow has in store for me I tink will check with Mom and see if she needs to et out to get anything I am all set for Christmas but Mom always needs somthing and think Dad has dialysis tomorrow he switches for the holidays, but if not I have plenty to do here need to get some bills sent in and I need to write a couple letters and the big thing is Iam going to build a fire out in the garage and uncover my baby and give her a good cleaning and wax and do the leather, charge the battery and get her all covered and snuggled in for the winter.
I hope everybody has a great and safe Christmas
Tim 😉

Felt Foolish

I went to school Frday still fumming about that NEC test the teacher handed out the tests during Math class was pissing and moaning to Carl about how easy the test was and I missed 2 dumb question when James, the guy right beside me in lab asked how I did I went on and on about how I only got a 83% then I sked him how he did and he failed it I instantly felt really bad about acting so immature about it he is struggeling so much has 3 small kids at home works part time in the evenings and his wife works part time, I said no more about the test then during NEC class I find out 80% of the class failed, I feel much beter about my score
Cris bailed on Dinner Friday night so since bad eathr is moving in I decided to go ahead myself and go to dinner I figured if the weather turns real ugly like it is suppose to I might not get out much, Saturday Mom and I went out for lunch and went to K Mart to finish up Christams shopping LOL so was the rest of the world traffic was a nihtmare but I got it all done, and Mom insisted on gettin me a AAA membership as i drive s much to and from school sh feels much btter now and I do also and I really appreciate her concern.
After I took Momhome and watched he last o thFootball gam with ad I came home and watched “I Robot” Great movie, ThenI put a rost in the crock pot wit some Red potatoes and carrots, put it on low and went to bed, It smelled eally good this morning and now I am going to spend the day inside wrapping gifts and keeping the fire oin it is snowyand cold and just plain like winter out good day to stay inside
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Hate to Fail

I did not exactly fail but I feel like a failure I know I should not feel that way but I do and I need to vent In NEC class so far we have had 6 tests and 1 quiz I got 100 % on all the tests and 10 bonus points for the quiz whichI was the only one in the class who got the bonus points You would think I am getting a pretty good grip on NEC Oh that is National Electric Code, anyhow only 2 people in the class were holding 100% on all the tests Myself and Carl, Now after todays test there is only 1 and it is not me, I watched him grade it and I missed 2, one answer and one code how the hell I missed the answer and got the code is beyond me but I was so upset I forgot about a business seminar that I was signed up for from 1:00 to 3:00, I know I am still doing very well but it has me so down that I missed 100 % on this test I can’t seem to get over it I knew the chapter and studied like crazy i think what I did was focused on 2 trick question and did not pay enough attention to the easy cut and dried questions, maybe trying to find a silver lining I will not be under so much pressure now to keep the 100 % because I already blew it I will still do just fine but I just ask myself why can’t I be the one who gets the 100% through the entire course But I guess you can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube once it is out I just feel shitty. We are on our entrance projects we need to install a meter box, conduit, weatherhead, entrance cable, and panel box and breakers then wire 12 diferent circuits into the box the power it up and they better all work all wihin NEC guidelines
I do not like to drive on bad roads Monday and Tuesday were the pits fortunatly I do have 4X4 so that makes a difference but still I am not comfortable in the slick roads, today was great the roads were dry but it was cold but I don’t mind the cold.
Nothing else new I am off from the 23rd to the 3rd I will be going shopping with Mom on Saturday to finish up my shopping then I am going to stay in to watch the Saturday Steeler game. I migt go visit Dadfor a bit on Sunday however they are calling for a lot of snow Sunday and Monday another fun day on the highway for me
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

This week is finally Over

I am glad this week is over even though it was only 4 days it seemed like it was never going to end, I bombed the math test I was pretty disappointed I just made some dumb mistakes I finished the test in about 15 minutes but got hung up on the easiest question I spent almost ½ hour trying to figure the square root of –125 Duh I spent so much time on that stupid problem that I ran out of time and never got to double check my work Hence I missed 5 out of 25 that is just wrong. We had a test in NEC today I was a wreck worrying about it after bombing the math test I was relieved when I saw only 2 problems and they were a piece of cake Question # 1 I was to install a branch circuit for a 11.5 KVA rated Stove I needed to figure the minimum size wire, and circuit breaker and the NEC codes Real easy 6 AWG Wire and a 50 Amp breaker Codes T310.16 and T210.24. I was all smiles Question # 2; I was to install 12 Halogen, 500 watt each, lights outside around the pool and tennis court again the wire size, breaker and how many circuits and codes and how I would wire it. 4 circuits, 12 AWG wire and 20 Amp breaker I would install 3 lights on each circuit = 12.5 Amps per circuit Codes T310.16, and 240.4(D). I was pretty happy and saw a 100% coming but it seemed I was the only one with a clue the teacher was checking peoples tests and nobody was getting them so about 10 minutes before class was over he gathered them all up and said we were going over them today he was really pissed because we went over this stuff last semester and was quite upset that nobody was getting it so we had a stern 15 minute lecture about what we were to be learning and he said he was not going to grade this one but next week we were going to get another one harder that counted *sigh* just my luck.
On the brighter side Mom was still having problems with her new computer and called customer support they had her change some settings and now it is working just fine and she scanned a couple pictures and emailed them to me LOL she is becoming quite the Geek, Dad was feeling good today so they went to Hartwood Acres to look at the Christmas lights this is a good thing. Cris and I went out and had Chinese tonight I am still stuffed and finished for the evening
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉