After Holidays

Well Here it is after the Holidays I don’t like this time of year it is cold and dreary out and nothing much to look forward to except spring but it comes every year and I live through it, on the brighter side my new Quad is a blast I own about an acre of heavy wooded area and it is a lot of fun running through that and right next to my property is about 10 acres of woods owned buy the park so lots of good riding there.
Yesterday at work Josh and I were taking apart a traction motor, that is what makes locomotives move it weighs around 1/2 ton, anyhow this motor had a bad bearing so we were tearing it apart to change bearings, well there are 8 big bolts that hold the axel in and you need this large 1 inch drive spline gun to remove them it weighs around 100 pounds, it is fairly managable by one person except one bold it hard to get to and takes 2 people, Josh was running the gun and I was helping hold it on when it slipped off and fell on my finger, Josh said are you Ok I said I am fine like nothing happened meanwhile trying to act tough on the outside I was crying inside, after we got the bold loose I took my glove off and my fingernail was all black Damn did that hurt, I am going to lose that nail for sure but it feels a lot better now the throbbing has gone away, I hate when I do something dumb like that but it does happen fast. Our weather has been really cold like 10 to 12 degrees at night and a high of not much better than 20 but it is going to warm up next week on Tuesday then Wednesday we are suppose to start getting some of that California rain and storm, but not as near as bad as they are getting it. I am working the weekend that is my normal shift now with Wednesday and Thursday off I have worked the last 2 Thursdays I have had off the extra money is nice but maybe I won’t be working next Thursday I won’t know till Tuesday, LOL it is hard to type with a bum finger I keep hitting the wrong keys

Enjoy Life