Long week

Am glad my week is finally over, Friday was not one of my best days at work, I was assigned to work on unit 458 it needed an oil cooler changed these oil coolers are big and heavy and needs a special tool attached to the crane to remove and install. Well afternoon shift removed the old cooler and had the new one sitting on the floor so we got rid of the old one and after bolting the new one on the tool we proceded to install it now this was only my second oil cooler installation it was going really good but something just did not seem right but it went in good and we started to bolt it in but things were just not right too much room it was too easy then a co worker came by and said I think that is the wrong cooler sure enough we measured it and it was 3 inches too small Duh it measured 9 inches wide instead of 12 which was the measurment of the correct one, Learned a lesson never trust afternoon shift to have the correct part there, of course they blamed me for not double checking and I admitted fault, but would have been nice if they had brought the right one over to begin with, we spent the rest of the day removing it and getting the correct one ready to install, I hate making mistakes like that..

I wish I would have started my truck earlier when it was warmer but it is almost done I still need to remove 2 broken studs from the head then I can install the exhaust manifold and finally button it up and get it inspected should have it finished up Monday.

Taking Mom to the doctors Monday for her blood work and a breathing test she has been feeling pretty good so it should be routine.

The weather has turned really cold here in Pa I have been burning wood for a week or so and got a nice toasty fire going on now and just feeling lazy watching some TV before bed..

Enjoy Life


Never go shopping hungry

I had to go shoppng today i was totally out of food and goodies so after a trip to Lowes to pick up a set of jack stands for my truck I hit Giant Eagle damn $92.00 later I was done I know better than to go shopping hungry so i got what I needed for the week plus Reeses chips ahoy cookies, a Homemade Pumpkin roll, a package of Apple fruit bites, a bag of 3 Musketers fun size bars LOL plenty of junk and of course I did get some real food. I got home and Bertha had her I just ate the bird look on her face but could not find anything she got into still don't know what that was about..

Yesterday i took Mom to this really big flea market in Butler I found some things I did not really need but what the heck i bought them what are flea markets for to buy other peoples junk, but we had a good time and it was nice to spend the day with Mom, that we went to Apple Bees for lunch/dinner and i got home in time for the Steelers which we beat Browns thank goodness that makes us 4 and 1 looking good for the season..

I just finished up reading "Life as we knew it" by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I really liked it I have a reading addiction once i start a good book I can't stop till I finish it. but i can't start my next one till I get my truck done (Lord of the Flies) I have to change the exhaust manifold and oil pan gasket and throttle cable then get it inspected but i see it started to rain so I might just stick with my inside chores for the rest of the day..

The weather is turning much colder I had the fire lit today but it went out while I was shopping so I just put on a sweat shirt but I might have to go fire it up getting cooler I think winter is right around the corner the leaves are really turning fast lots of beautifull colors I see on my way home will have to get some pictures before the all fall off

Enjoy Life


My Sunday sort of

Yesterday was a busy day my Steelers had this weekend off so I got busy finishing my wood I stuck it out and got every piece of wood split and stacked and got the driveway cleaned. After i got all that done i thought my reward would be to take the Harley out for a ride since it was warm out but of course it was not meant to be the battery was dead, before I left for vacation i set the security system and locked it all up good not that we have problems like that here but you never know I had dropped full coverage after I paid it off so thought better safe than sorry, Anyhow it drained the battery so no ride yesterday the battery is now charged so maybe today maybe not am having a hard time deciding on what direction to go today I looked at the garage and it really needs cleaned. When I was on my first week of vacation last June I tore down my old bike to begin the rebuild and it sits there all tore apart Sigh and my old truck needs work the inspection expired and I have to get that done also what to do………..

Aunt Linda left to go home to Arizona Sunday morning she arrived just fine i guess they had some bad storms there and had a lot of hail damage so they have a lot of work to do. We had a picnic Saturday for her since it was her last day here I had to work so by the time I got there everybody was gone except for Kel and Cris, but it was still fun although but i ate way too much Mom made tons of food and lots of leftovers…

I did not see or hear from Mom yesterday so after i took out the trash i stopped to check on her she was fine just tired as they were running all week I think she misses her but was just tired and needed some rest. I need some stuff from Lowes and Walmart so maybe i might see if she wants to go Mom always needs things from Walmart and i have a couple gift cards i need to spend there…

Just finished reading "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut strange book but i enjoyed it, Next book "Life as we knew it" by Susan Beth Pfeffer maybe I might start that later on today but right now the sun is out so i am going to do something outside today..

Enjoy Life


One of those days

Yesterday i took Mom, Aunt Linda and my cousin Becky to Shakespears Restaurant for lunch/dinner we all had Prime Rib it is the best there and i bought plenty of leftovers for my lunch for tomorrow we all had a really good time I could not be home for the game so I listened as much as I could on the radio and we lost ;-( Oh well there always has to be a loser i guess still we are 3 and 1 not too bad for not having a QB.After I got home I just lit a fire and did a few chores around the house I am behind on.

Today I just can't seem to get motivated it is a dreary and crappy day drizzling rain all day finally I decided to go get dish soap I needed of course I went to Giant Eagle so my dish soap ended up costing me $41.00 LOL Better than usual now just trying to figure out my lunches for the week, I am thinking since Camomille is so happy with her crock pot I decided to break mine out and maybe i will make some ribs I have the BBQ sauce so i will go thaw them out and put them on in the morning so dinner will be done when I get home from work they should do me for a couple day lunches.

The weather has really cooled off last week was a shock it went from hot to cold and rainy last week my legs and knees were really aching and a new one my left hand really hurt i knew it was from change of weather I feel pretty good now since the crap weather has settled in. I never liked fall I always looked at it like the beginning of winter which it is but on the other hand as MissTick pointed out today it is a beautiful time of year I guess I should learn to enjoy it because like it or not summer is over. On the bright side My Aunt Linda invited me to visit her in Arizona some time this winter I might just do that it will be a nice break from the bitter cold that is on it's way..

Enjoy Life