Long Week

For some reason this week seemed like it would never end but finally as usual it did end and my weekend is here we had a temp supervisor this week and i think he was trying to make an impression he never let up all week it was not all that bad but as soon as one job was done it seemed like he was there giving me another I realize I am there to work but it would be nice to have a little down time between jobs it is just not what I am used to….


The weather is exceptional 80 degrees out today makes me feel good to have all my wood done and ready for winter and not having to use it although a couple days last week I did fire it up my house warmed up quick and stayed warm it really made a difference to put the plastic on my windows. I have a new storm door ordered from Lowes well Mom ordered it she is buying it for me for Christmas I had to special order it because all they sell is 80 inches high and my opening it 78 inches they had some that could be cut down but Mom did not like them so still have to go up and pay for it before it is made Oh shit I mean Hope Depot we did not like what we saw at lowes..


Today is a football day we play the Titans after last week I don't have high expections for today my daughter Cris is going to the game i hope she is careful and has a good time going to start my laundry..

Enjoy Life