We need rain

Things sure are dry here we are in middle of drought although I did hear it rain last night not much but any little bit will do my poor tomatoes they turned red but were little not cherry tomatoes they just did not get very big.

still sticking with my trail walks 4 to 5 miles per day I met a very nice lady who walks her 4 dogs almost everyday we became friends and I usually walk with her every day and help keep the pups in line It is fun and makes time go a lot faster I am now down 48 pounds, now that sounds good but it has taken me a year and half to do it I just keep working on it everyday I am determined to make it to 180 , I am 212 right now so it is slow but it’s working.

Work on my sedan so far

Been moving along on my sedan the cowl and windshield corners are repaired and now it is primered Need to scuff it up a little and hit a few spots I missed so hopefully by Thursday it will be ready for paint, I have never painted so my brother said he will come and spray it I am anxious to see the color on it and that will motivate Me to keep on it, the hard top seems to be running well the fuel gauge quit I had to drop the tank again but it is fixed again.