Saturday was the big day Kelly got married such a big ordeal so much preparing but it went really well everybody had a great time Kelly's boss supplied  2 old cars a 57 Chevy sedan and a 57 chevy Nomad they are beautiful cars and it really would have been cool to show up in the old cars but Kelly had an idea she wanted me to deliver her on my Harley it worked out really well the girls showed up in the cars and everybody was waiting and looking for Kelly expecting her to get out of one of the cars a minute later i showed up with her on the Harley so cool everybody was shocked it was the greatest moment we had so much fun the rest of the night..


She loves riding and has her own bike she was so excited to show up on it and I think was a beautiful bride

It was quite emotional for me giving my baby away but eric is a great guy  The girls were all beautiful. a Perfect wedding

          The beautiful Couple                                                                                                       My Baby Crista


      My Beautiful Grandaughter Sam


Enjoy Life