Year is almost over

Well I am getting used to life without my beautiful Marley I still miss her everyday still no plans for another pup just don’t know if I will or not, I have a friend on the trail she walks 5 dogs I meet her and walk with them everyday, which brings me to my next issue, a week after Marley passed I was taking my trash over to the dumpster and to take it out to the curb, stepped in a hole and broke my ankle , this is not shit the worse pain I ever felt I mean worse it hurt so bad, that was October 19th just was at orthopedic doctor for a follow up X-ray and is is looking to heal pretty well I can now walk without pain or a brace it is not being back on trail only 3 miles per day but I am getting out I gained a bunch of weight that depressed me as it was so hard to lose it but I am back on track now just set back from my goals a couple months.

my car is coming along pretty well engine is in and runs well I had to buy new transmission that was expensive but that’s ok I needed it hopefully it will be on the road this spring

Our Governor just shut down the state for the next 3 weeks that is a bummer as I always take Mon out for breakfast Saturday Morning but I suppose it is for the best as COVID is so bad in PA it’s only 3 weeks I just feel bad for workers I think I will got for breakfast tomorrow and also maybe dinner it all ends Saturday so I will support local business while I can.