New Year

Ok well here we go again another new year 2020 can’t believe how nice the weather has been here in PA don’t remember it ever being this warm in January scary in a way things are changing I remember in my younger years we would get tons of snow and it lasted all winter now they are calling for 60 degrees this weekend, well I will take it don’t like cold and snow all that much now that I am getting older.

I went to a different trail,head this week for my walk it is closer to my house and different scenery the trail is total 20 miles so I will be switching up want to eventually see it all

Kept pellet burner going all night as it was 17 last night now the warm up starts today but for now also have wood burner going on in house might work on car some, seems there is always something to do on it and with it going up to 40 today an for sure going for a hike.