Last entry this year

Ok decided to make my last entry of 2010 today is my first day off for the holiday 4 day weekend. still I do not have plans for any celebration tonight but i don't mind. Today is is 40 degrees out that is a welcome relief after all the cold we had during December. My wood is still holding out good used about one cord so far that is right on schedule I will be good now till spring.

I have several plans for the new year hate calling them resolutions but just some things I want to accompolish. I need to quit smoking again I did it before and did well for 6 months till I totalled my truck so that is one goal. I need to lose some weight and try to get myself in better physical shape including going to the doctors and get a good exam to make sure all is well, I feel good just not as much energy as I used to have but then again I am 57 years old so that has to account for something. I want to finish my old Harley restoring project need to get caught up finalically from Christmas to free up some cash to throw into it and being as it is over 30 years old i think it is considered and antique I have had a lot of people want me to sell it after i got my new Heritage but i just can't do it I love that old bike.

I want to retire in 5 years so i need to get as much put into my 401K as I can right now i am putting 12 percent of my pay in it and the company matches 4 percent to it is adding up I plan to raise that up to 15 percent once we get our raise next year in July.

Ok that is it for my last entry so HAPPY NEW YEAR

Enjoy Life


Long Weekend

Well christmas was a success we all went to Mom;s for the day it was a fun day although my grandchildren are getting to that age where they just want gift certifcates for certain stores but they were happy with them. Mom got me Kindle ebook reader I love that thing it has a cover with a light much easier for me to read I have been using it quite a bit as I have had the last 4 days off work and doing a lot of catching up with my inside work, reading and keeping logs on the fire. We missed out on the big storm it went south of us then up the east coast I feel bad for people in the area I see the coverage on tv and it looks really bad. For us here it just flurries and is cold and windy I do see later on in the week it is going to warm up they are teasing us with 50 degrees on Saturday I get another 4 day weekend coming I am going to enjoy that. No plans for New years celebrations this year might just stay home.

Work is going well not too busy just enough to keep us going and that is fine with me i am still burned out from all that overtime.

Stay warm'


Winter is here

Well as much as I hate the cold weather winter is here and it looks like it is going to stay Tuesday we had around 5 inches of rain and then it turned real cold real fast I am not yet adjusted but I guess i do not have a choice. Thanksgiving went well lots of good food it was good to spend the day with the girls we all had a good time.

Work has been going well a little busy but not so bad that we are working overtime I am glad for the less hours but sure do miss the money but I suspect OT is right around the corner I will work it but not 10 hours 6 days a week like before.

I have started my Christmas shopping arout 1/2 done I want to be done in plenty of time this year to try to avoid the rush.

My latest book is called Bucket of blood, The Ragmans Was by R.S Sukle it is really a good book it is about back in the early 1900s about the early unionizations of the local coal mines in this area I am about 1/2 way done and Mom brought over the next one both my grandfather and my Dad worked the local coal mines so it is important to me to learn about these tough times for the Miners..


Stay Warm