Day off sort of

We still are not working overtime on the weekends I have mixed emotions about that it sure is nice to have weekends off but the money is good so whatever it should begin soon in the meantime I intend to try to get caught up, today (after sleeping in nicely) I mowed my grass and Mom’s also I buryed the electric line from her place to the garage her freezer is in there and I am using a blue extension cord untill I get a perminment line in I went as far as the skirting and quit it was getting to be around 4:00 and I wanted to go out for dinner and get home to take a nap and watch the game that all worked out and I must admit that nap felt good..

I have been getting a lot of riding in you know it is hot when I rode home from work at Midnight without wearing my jacket it was beautiful all week but glad I took advantage as it is suppose to rain all next week and we sure do need it so I better check and make sure my poor pick up will still run I have not used it for a while..

Tomorrow is my nieces birthday we all get together at the Runway resturant for brunch at 11:00 AM that is a lot of fun and really good food I can’t wait. Time to feed my dog and think about crawling into bed, Oh love my new DSL I finally got it plus the router working just fine..


Good Weekend

Saturday I took Mom up to Home Depo to pick up some pipe to extend the rain gutters away from the mobile home and I needed some conduit for the wire out to the garage we ate at Red Lobster I really like seafood, Anyhow after I got home while my wireless network was giving me fits I heard a bike pulling into my drivway it was an old ratty Sportster that looked familar Here it is a bike I sold 18 years ago they guy who bought it from me went and spent a fortune on Harley T shirts and leather vests and boots, rode it twice and packed it away in his shed and I guess he would go out and start it once in a while and sit and rev it up till finally it would not start once he started messing with it and trying to fix it that was the end of its life it never ran again now here he sold it to a friend of mine Brant, who put new tires on it a new battery and a tune up and he is riding, it still looks ratty but he is riding the wheels off it I was proud to see that.. Old Harleys never die they just need a good owner..

We had a house warming party for Kelly Sunday she loves her new house and really has it looking good I am still worried about her keeping up with the payments but she said she is doing Ok with them.

Time to start getting ready to start my work week


Another Week Over

it is 1:30 AM I got home from work at 12:15 AM I am not the least bit tired on Thursday I got my DSL turned on I have had dial up for the past 10 years and it is frustrating me it was so slow so I decided to try the DSL that Kelly uses I love it although I had to call Tech support last night because it was suppose to be working but I could not access internet so I called them at 2:30 AM 24/7 tech support they said, so here the tech told me to unplug my modem for 30 seconds and plug it back in and just like magic there is was I am really liking it..

About a month ago I went and got a hair cut I am bald on top I have been for quite a while and the rest of my hair is quite thin after I got home Mom saw it and said how nice it was she said it looks just like her friends Alvin, Well Alvin is 77 years old, no offense to Alvin, but I went home and shaved my head, i have just decided to keep it shaved if I can’t have a nice head of hair I would rather have none at all it is a lot cooler at work I have to admit even though I have to wear the stupid hard hat..

i worked alone at the shop tonight one guy was on vacation, another called off and the other 2 had to go to Kittanning to make on the road repairs to a loco that hit a downed tree after the last batch of storms so it was a nice quite night I just tuned in my XM and got a lot odf stuff done the night went really fast and there is no OT this weekend , long story but once the union settles the contract it should start back up..

Tim 😉

Sure is Hot !!!

last winter I could not wait for summer but I did not mean over 90 degrees it has been making work brutal I start at 3:30 just when the day is heating up but I try not to complain too much it is bearable and I have a good job so life goes on it will get cold soon enough.Overall work is going well I am used to the afternoon shift and have learned a lot I am not offically a machinist it took a year to get all my lessons done and pass the test but I am done and up to full pay, but I never worked under a union before the contract was up the first of July and they are working on a new one but still far away from an agreement but they say it will work out eventually, I hope so I don’t need to be off work again..

Mom is all moved into her new home I was worried about her accepting the change but she is really happy with it I went through soooo much crap to get permits to put a double wide on my property I always thought I own it so I can do what I want well I can but it cost overall with permits and updating the septic system well over $2000.00 but it all worked out well she is in a settled and happy that is all that matters…

I will be seeing both my girls and grandchildren tomorrow as Mom is having a picnic for mine and Crista’s birthday it should be a good day and to top it off tomorrow night is the first Steeler pre season game LOL I am so excited finally Football season is beginning finally..

Tim 😉