Memorial Day

I just finished 7 day straight working talk about being burned out but on the bright side I am getting paid for today and i start vacation tomorrow so i am off till next monday. I have not done a thing yet today of course i woke up at 5:00 and could not get back to sleep so i have just vegged all day so far and had 1/2 of a headache I took some advil and am going to have some lunch and then I think am taking the Harley out for a nice long relaxing ride.

Nothing else new going on just lots of overtime, Mom's birthday is tomorrow i got her a couple solar lights for the top of the  posts on her deck and Friday the girls and I are going to take her to J Bar for dinner she loves their prime rib as i do also so she is excited about that and she really likes it when us 4 get together.

Enjoy Life,


Life goes on

Last weekend I took a 2 day weekend it was nice for a change I needed the time off it was good to get rested Mothers day was a nice day we all got together at mom's as usual but it was sooo cold wish it would have been a little warmer but all in all it was a good day these pictures are of the spirial pine tree and another flower I got for Mom but forget the name but she loved them I already got the tree planted, also my grandaughter, Sam and my nieces daughter, Bella. Sam is now 16 and has her permit boy time sure does fly I remember teaching her mother to drive.

Work is as usual so busy that is good and lots of overtime still working 10 per day i don't get much done at night but am way caught up financially i will continue working the extra hours till they cut off the overtime I know it can't last forever. The 4 eggs in the nest outside the bathroom window hatched on mothers day they are getting big I like watching them being fed and try not to disturb them too much and the 3 from the porch on top of the ladder are getting ready to fly away I am sure as they are really getting big can't get a good picture of the ones from the bathroom as they are getting the window dirty and i don't want to open it and mess up the nest.

That is all for now am going to go see if i can get some grass mowed as they are calling for rain next week

Enjoy Life


New Engines and bird nest

Still  working a lot of overtime but things are getting caught up and i am expecting things to slow down sooner or later they have to put us back on normal working hours but in the mean time all my credit cards are paid off and i am getting some money put away in my savings so it is worth the extra hours. We got 2 new Locomotives we are just leasing them they are new rebuilds eco friendly with 8 cylinder 2000 HP engine they have been working OK so far Yesterday was the first time I had to service them love the AC LOL it was a hot day



The birds are at it again I have a nest on my ladder that i left on my front porch with 3 eggs in it so better not need the ladder for anything and right outside my bathroom window on the sill is another one with 4 eggs here is a shot of the one from inside the bathroom with the 4 eggs and a very upset Mom she gets really pissy with me when I bother her will be fun to watch them hatch and grow and leave the nest.


It is a rainy day today and am feeling a bit lazy so maybe I might just throw some seed out in the front yard and maybe a bit of laundry but other than that will just enjoy my day off work.

Enjoy Life