Life goes on

Last weekend I took a 2 day weekend it was nice for a change I needed the time off it was good to get rested Mothers day was a nice day we all got together at mom's as usual but it was sooo cold wish it would have been a little warmer but all in all it was a good day these pictures are of the spirial pine tree and another flower I got for Mom but forget the name but she loved them I already got the tree planted, also my grandaughter, Sam and my nieces daughter, Bella. Sam is now 16 and has her permit boy time sure does fly I remember teaching her mother to drive.

Work is as usual so busy that is good and lots of overtime still working 10 per day i don't get much done at night but am way caught up financially i will continue working the extra hours till they cut off the overtime I know it can't last forever. The 4 eggs in the nest outside the bathroom window hatched on mothers day they are getting big I like watching them being fed and try not to disturb them too much and the 3 from the porch on top of the ladder are getting ready to fly away I am sure as they are really getting big can't get a good picture of the ones from the bathroom as they are getting the window dirty and i don't want to open it and mess up the nest.

That is all for now am going to go see if i can get some grass mowed as they are calling for rain next week

Enjoy Life