i got a new Kayak this year and i love it i need a bigger one this one is 12 foot sit in i like it a lot better i have had it out once this year i cant seem to upload a picture i am having so much trouble with this site things used to be a lot easier.

This year i also bought an Ebike i was having so much trouble with my knees i decided to try the Ebike and it is working out great so much easier for me to get the miles on

Anyhow this was just a quick update i will try to figure out the photo problem

Warm summer

so far it’s been a beautiful summer although a little bit warm but beautiful all the same I have not had much chance to ride my bike since Lulu came to live with me although at 5 months she is getting much better with me leaving I went to races last night at 6:00 and got home around 10:30 she was good girl I took her out and she did her business she is getting better at holding it as she is growing she is around 50 pounds I will know for sure when I take her to vet the end of September for blood work before she gets spayed

I have been getting a lot of use out of my Kayak this summer we have a huge man made lake not to far from my house I go there a lot it’s beautiful there I even tried stand up paddle boarding boy that is hard I did manage to stand up and paddle but after about 15 minutes my knees started to hurt and I ended up falling in but it was fun however I will stick with my kayak I think

I finally got my 57 hardtop finished and running good took it out a few times and had no problems the last issue was the rubbing noise coming from rear end I discovered the new brake drums were egg shaped I put new drums on and she did really well I am happy with it now to get busy this winter on the sedan.

that’s about it for now my goal is to update more often so let’s see how that works out



I picked up Lulu on May 27th she had not had her first shots yet so I had to sort of keep here away from things till after my vet appointment so after that we hit the trail with my friend she brought her dogs slowly to meet her finally they all met and all get along really well we have been going out everyday and slowly walking farther today we walked 2.48 miles she did pretty good I might take her out this afternoon and try a different part of trail, she is doing really well with house training only went once in house other than that so far so good she is starting to bark when she wants out either that old rings the bells I have hanging on door and 11 weeks I think she is doing good.

Last weekend I went to Jeep fest in Butler they have a big celebration as the Jeep was invented in Butler pa there was 2500 Jeep’s in parade and 1500 lined up on Main Street I left Lulu alone for 4 hours that day and she did well so happy about that.

Weather is so warm and humid, it’s about time I want to work on my car today I have to change fuel line and drain some gas out it seems I got water in the tank somehow that is the project for the day

Cooler weather

After a few 70 degree days I got spoiled it is in the 50s now and I l like I am freezing. I have been walking every day 3 miles and in afternoon I ride my bike I am up to 12 miles per day my knees still hurt it has been 3 weeks now I am hoping the pain goes away everyone tells me it will go away I hope they are right.

I worked on trail today they needed volunteers for cleaning up brush we spent about 4 hours on it we had a chipper I don’t like them but this one wasn’t really too big and I got used to it still I sort of stood way back when I was feeding branches into it.

Now the news I hope I am not making a mistake it has been 6 months since Marley died and I am still,heartbroken, so I am getting a new pup she is a Black Lab Retriever right now she is 19 days old I have not picked her out yet she is from a little of 6 and I am third in line to pick her out hopefully in another week, her name is Lulu I can’t wait but also like I said I hope I am not making a mistake

this could be her they all look so much alike


Our weather is really improving it’s about time I was planning Sunday on a 5 mile hike with a group I saw on facebook at a local park but I guess I misunderstood the location of the start of the walk and missed it I was so disappointed I was really looking forward to it but as I eat older I sometimes don’t understand things as well as I used to oh well maybe next time so I just came home and got some work done on my car.

Today it was so nice out I decided to take my bike out for a ride on the trail I am just getting started riding so I need to stop about every mile to rest my knees and I started going uphill so after 3 miles I turned around and rode back to my truck downhill I am going to try to get out everyday to get my leg muscles built up to I can get more miles in I am loving the sunshine and warm weather

Rainy Day

It has been raining all day so I didn’t get in my walk this morning it seems like it has been a real slow day I did get a few things done in garage and I ordered my driveshaft for my sedan it is done probably now but I told them I would be down to pick it up tomorrow after my morning walk the driveshaft is the key to getting a lot more done once. Get it and installed it then I can take her down off the blocks then I will order my windshield and get it installed am pretty excited to get to that part infact I will be able to drive it but probably wait to get the doors in.

Yesterday I went to a different trail to do some volunteer work on the rebuilt turntable and pick up a bunch of scrap it was a pretty fun day there is a lot of history there with the old railroad I guess at one time there was 13 tracks right there it was a pretty big operation.

coaling tower

This picture is the coaling tower along the track, what makes this so interesting is it was used to refill the tenders with coal on steam locomotives for fuel I really find that interesting right below it is where the tracks ran the locomotive would pull under it and they would get loaded up with coal I love that history stuff plus Right in that area is the other end of the tunnel that is getting restored when done it will connect both trails tunnel is 1/2 mile long can’t wait to get to ride through it.

south end of tunnel


Was a good weekend I I got my walks in in fact I did 6 miles on Saturday had the nice breakfast with Sam. Sunday was a fun day we all went to Longhorn steakhouse for Kelly’s birthday lunch it was so good I got the outlaw ribeye and baked potato only ate half it was delish was going to eat the other half for dinner today I still might. I had all the ingredients for chili so I got moms recipe so decided to make it turned out really really good.

chili ready to cook

I summered it for about an hour am very pleased I had to have a bowl right now before I put it away it is a huge pot hard to cook for only one so I dug out some Tupperware and will freeze a good bit of it as as it is now 2:45 I doubt I will have leftover steak I can always have that tomorrow.

I took Mom down for her blood work it was low she blamed it on her COVID shot I am so glad I didn’t arrange it she said her doctor told her to get it so anything goes wrong it is on him and not me she gets her second shot Friday and again they will do her bloodwork the following Monday so we will see if that makes a difference.

I have pellet burner going out in garage I might go out there for a bit to work on one of the cars or maybe go for a little walk don’t know yet I am all cleaned up from chili and most of it is frozen it really turned out good I am happy with that recipe . Will be 2 weeks this Wednesday since my second covid shot I still feel fine no adverse reaction and am glad i got vaccinated


Saturday Morning

Went for my morning walk this morning after dropping Mom off to get her hair done that is a usual Saturday morning for me we walked 3 miles I walk with my friend, Felicia, she walks her 5 dogs and I help her keep them under control but on Saturday and Sunday her husband walks so I don’t usually do much on the walk on weekend except to enjoy the walk. Lately I have been searching out geocaches I found 3 so far alone the trail

This is an old abandoned railroad bridge

Today after my walk I met Sam (my granddaughter) for breakfast and her son Landon ( my great grandson) we had a nice breakfast I love spending time with them just lately Sam and I have been spending more time together I really like that. Now yesterday was my daughters (Kelly) birthday, Sams mom, and we are all getting together for dinner to celebrate I can’t wait it will,be a really fun day.

Landon , he is such a sweetheart loves his pancakes

Warm morning

Today was beautiful morning for my Daily walk it was 60 degrees just perfect spring day got my 3 miles in. I went out for breakfast figured I would treat myself it has been a while I had steak and eggs, delicious. It is noon now and beginning to rain still mild out .

it has been over a week since I got my second COVID shot no side effects at all just the normal sore spot on my arm I am glad I got it another week till it kicks in fully then I will be protected. So many younger people say they don’t want it I prefer the vaccine over having to be in hospital on a ventilator but what the heck that’s just me we are LOL different I guess it’s a personal choice.

I guess I will work on my car some today as it’s raining and I got some yard work done yesterday so trying to be somewhat productive everyday.

one of my favorite sections of trip can’t wait till it green again

Better weather

Today was much better for our morning walk it was in the 40s so very pleasant so much better than the horrible winter with cold and snow and it is almost 60 degrees out right now. I am getting a little bit of yard work done just a little I might get back to it I done know I should go buy some Easter candy for the kids baskets I don’t know .

I finally got my hardtop running after changing out the distributor exchanging points style for electronic it is a small cap so it looks pretty much stock I am happy about that it took some messing around I accidentally pulled on a wire under the dash and unplugged the ignition switch I had no power when I tried to start it but didn’t take long to figure it out, then I changed out the fuel filter I never should have bought cheap ones I cracked the plastic fitting where the hose attaches to and when I started it gas squirted everywhere then I also broke the next one that was the last of the cheap ones I learned my lesson there I still have to tweak the timing a little bit but it is running really good now so I am happy and time to get back on the other ones hood I am currently working on.

engine bay on my 57 hardtop