Long Week

The bathroom job is moving along, Slow but moving along, Tuesday was the outlaw race at the track it was nice to get a break and get away the evening was beautiful not a drop of rain for a change. We put the new door on last night only it was not just changing the door we took the entire frame down and started from scratch it took 3 hours and it fits good I put the knob and latch on tonight and finished tearing up the old floor now Saturday we will start to put the wall board on…

One of the 2 garages I work at is for sure sold that means I have to have it shut down and be out of it by June 30th should not be too hard but i don’t know about the other shop there is someone looking at it but nothing definate as soon as I find out I will have my shut down date there also. 2 other shops will still be open but not enough vehicles to warrant a Maintenance supervisor so I turned down both mechanic jobs it would have been a heck of a pay cut that is when I decided on the carreer change. I guess after the shops are shut down I am going to Connecticut for around 6 weeks to help with a new start up then I will be laid off the second week of August with will work out perfect for the start of school which will be August 25th…

We had a picnic at the big garage there was so much food I ate way too much in fact I have not even eaten dinner and don’t plan on it either I am still full, my legs kind of hurt so I just want to take a shower and go to bed and get tomorrow over with then 3 nice days to get a lot done Oh Mom asked me if I wanted to cancell Saturday and go riding I said no I better concentrate on getting that room done there will be plenty of time to play so I told her it was up to her if she wants to take a break fine if not we should stay at it I just want it done

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Shower Stall

What a weekend this has been I am almost glad it is over I worked way too hard the races were rained out so we all went out for dinner I had a 1/2 rack of ribs which were delish then I got home around 9:30 Friday Night. Saturday Morning I started early I tore the bub out and got started on the shower stall well let me tell you I see why this is a job for the pros so many little problems and my old house it not exactly straight of course I built the wall for the plumming straight so that created all sort of problems but I over came them all Mom came around 10:00 we did a lot of work then went to do some shopping my wall board was in so we picked up that and all the trim and other odds and ends then we had to go out for lunch. We stayed on it till 3:00 them Mom had to go take care of Dad he was due home from dylisis so I worked on the plumming No I can do it but I am not the best with the soldering of pipes when I turned on the water I had 3 leaks so off with the water and I got them fixed we did some work on the old wall board and I did the drain which went quite well then at 7:30 we started on the shower stall door LOL that is not easy expecially when the bathroom wall was not straight we got it goos enough that I got my shower at 10:00 PM I was so tired I showered and passed out in bed..

This morning I took care of a couple small drips in the water pipes I got the door figured out and on the way it should be sort of, thank goodness for trim, then I decided I had better mow since the weather people think it is going to rain all the rest of the week and did some trimming with the trusty week eater there is still all the electrical work plus the floor and walls to do we will wotk on that a little bit every night but the big job was she shower stall and it is done and working perfect.

Now I am going to watch some TV and relax it will be nice to get back to work and get rested up LOL…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉


Saturday was a busy day Mom and I took off early first stop was Lezzers where we ordered the wall board I wanted and I ordered a nice cermaic shelf for above my petastole sink, then we had to stop for lunch, Stuffed Meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and salad, Next off to Lowes where we picked up the shower stall, faucets, drain, and the new light for the ceiling, Next stop was Home Depo where we bought the shower stall door, Then home to unload it all, Crissy was here when I got home and she wanted to go see Van Helsing so Off to the movies I went it was a pretty good show if you like that sort of movie I did not care too much for the ending but I guess you can’t have it all…

Sunday Morning I got up and had a bug for a new window in the bathroom if I am going to the whole room I might as well do it all, Now I found the window I wanted it was $75.00 so I bought it now I am not a carpenter but I try after almost all day Sunday I finally got it to my satification then I removed the shelf that was in the way of the shower stall and temporarily installed the stall to see it came past the door frame 4 inches soooo new smaller door and extend the wall out 4 inches nothing is easy I was going to tackle that job tonight but decided I had better get the ceiling ready for paint so I did some patching and installed the box for my new ceiling light and after about 10 minutes of sanding I for a bottle of water it is 1000 degrees in the attic so I drank that and decided I had better mow, so mow I did which brings me to right now which I am done for the evening I am tired….

I love summer time..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Friday Night Races

We tried to get the races in all went well till around 8:30 then it started to rain then it quit then really started to rain a lot of people started to leave and someone said they were cancelled this was around 9:00 everybody in the box was just going to stay and drink and wait it out I decided to leave I was so tired today was a long day we did get a few heat races in the, after I got home one of the guys called and said they were going to try to start to race but I decided not to go I just want to crawl into bed..
[album 78237 races.jpg]
My Interview with the trade school went good I passed the pre entry test and i qualify now all I need to do is work out the financing I want to go to Carreer Link they help people out that are laid off with grants and that sort of thing I am going Monday and talk to them the course is 60 weeks 5 hours a day and costs $15,000 A lot of money but I will recieve an Associates Degree in Electrical Technology so step one is out of the way step 2 is figuring out how to pay for it if I need to I will just take out a student loan but hopefully there is some way I can get help with the displaced worker program, so I am not going to wait I am going to begin persueing it right now and of course I am counting on getting laid off as I need the unemployment to live on and pay the bills, I should get laid off the end of July and School starts August 25th so it is hopefully going to fall into place….

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to go shopping for my new bathroom we have it all measured and know exactly what we need I just have to make a decision on the faucets I will find some that match the sink it is going to a lot of work but will be well worth it when it is all done I will post a picture of course, Now I am going to go to bed ….

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Odd Weather

This week has been really strange weather one minute it is sunny and hot the next it is raining like hell very off Yesterday just as I got off work it started to rain so I decided time for the dreaded laundry I hate laundry but at least all I need to do is go to the basement better than the laundrymat I hate laundry mat so bad I have 2 washers and 2 dryers LOL that is being prepared I did 3 loads and I found there are 3 types of laundry and they are all a pain in their own ways First whites I found it takes 4 trips from washer to dryer because i can’t carry an armload of the small stuff, So second worse is jeans I have a collection of change and an assortment of papers that I have to remove from all the pockets the money is not bad but I just hate checking all the pockets, third worse is shirts mainly Tee Shirts not bad to wash but I hate hanging the dried stuff on hangers, So there is my reason for hating laundry LOL a necessary evil I guess I just wanted to complain a bit about it…

Tonight there was a Snap On tool show at Days Inn in Butler the Snap On dealer was selling tickets for $20.00 they were giving genuine OCC clocks or so they said so everybody from the shop was going to I went I was so disapointed all it was a Snap On clock and battery operated I don’t like it So Crissy came by after I came home and liked it so I gave it to her she was happy with it, On the bright side the Snap On Chopper was there
[album 78237 OCC1.jpg]
And all they had there to show was a lot of tool boxes and some real expensive equipment so after I took my pictures I was bored I took one of my Co Workers with me so I said I was ready to go so we went and had dinner I had a Rubin Sandwich and fries with Gravy delish but now I am so full I think I am going to burst…..

Tomorrow i have an interview with New Castle School of Trade about my new carreer choice classes Start the third week of August I should be getting laid off the end of July so this will all work out I am going to check on assistance for displaced workers and if I can find a part time job and work while I go to school I will be able to save enough to keep the bills paid till I finish I think the Electrician course lasts 60 weeks I should be able to stretch unemployment for 52 weeks then hopefully I will have enough saved to get me thought the remainder of the course but the first step is tomorrow I will get more details…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Another week

Well last weekend certainly was nice although I blew all day Saturday Mowing and doing yard work I made up for it Sunday I backed out the bike and cleaned it up nicely but it was early so I took a shower and changed and got ready to go soon after that Crissy stopped to pick up the flower and here I went out and all the pollen from my big Maple trees covered my bike little white spots all over a black bike is ugly I was so discusted I just took off some of it blew off but the rest I had to clean after I got home I figured I better not leave it there all I need is nasty stains to deal with….

We had a nice cookout I of course was the chief and I grilled some bang up burgers and hotdogs they were delish and I think I ate too much but the food was so good here is Sam and Alex enjoying dinner (my grandkids)
[album 78237 samalex.JPG]
I did not do much after I got home I had to turn on the AC but the oddest thing it would not cool off in here it usually cools off quickly being so small and all the shade trees I went in the bathroom and opened the window and I felt hot air blowing up LOL Here some good advise when using AC first time of the year it works much better if you turn off the furnace LOL I had to laugh at myself for doing something so dumb so after I turned off the heat it cooled of quickly and worked like it should. I took all my house plants outside they are happy I have a I think it some sort of rubber tree plany I had it in my bedroom all winter next to an East window I did not realize it grew toward the window and leaned badly when I took it out in the yard so I had to actually stake it so it will straighten up and not fall over…..

It rained all day today it started out warm I left for work without a coat then the rain started and it cooled off so I got my coat then it quit raining and warmed back up now it is 81 degrees I Love Spring…..Off to do laundry…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

For AO

See I also have a little bitty house it is not much but almost all mine
[album 78237 my house.jpg]
Is it obivious yes I am the proud owner of a new Digital Camera LOL

Digital Camera

This is Mom’s flower for Mothers day See Maggie I am going to follow through and I can’t fit this in the saddle bag but it is going to rain anyhow !!
[album 78237 Mom flower.jpg]
I began today not really making any plans I knew I would have to mow so I moved my truck so I could get my tractor out of the garage then Crissy sent me a text asking for help bolting the umbrella to her picnic table so I said sure I went to leave and no truck keys LOL how in the heck in that short of time can you lose keys, So I grabbed my spare set and took off we needed to buy a bolt of course so we went to Kmart first I bought a Digital Camera Next Crissy wanted a charcoal Grill so we found a nice one and I got it for her plus Charcoal and lighter fuel I got Mom her flower and just as I was on my way to the check out I remembered the reason I went for a bolt LOL all I needed was 1 less that a dollar bolt and end up spending over $200.00 story of my life….

I dropped Cris off and she started to set up her grill and I came home I messed with the camera a little bit then started to mow I stayed on that all day till I got it all done now I just need to do some trimming I still have to figure out dinner…

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Rainy Friday

No Races tonight they were rained out ;-( I hate that because I really look forward to Friday night at the races Oh well I had a text from Crissy when I got home since the races were cancelled we did dinner I just got home I had an omelet and side of link Sausage although I was not all that hungry I had another appointment with the Attorney to finish up all the legal crap for Mom then we went and had lunch I had this big Hot Sausage sandwich I was still full but it was good to go out with Crissy……

I took the Cheese Cake to work after I topped it with the Strawberrys and before I left for my other location a driver came in and saw it I offered her a piece she took a very slice as she is watching her weight she made it 1/2 ways to the door and did an about face and took a big piece LOL Damn the diet when it comes to Cheese Cake, Everybody else loved it also but I never got a piece I had major issues at the other garage to I had to run and it did not last long so I call it a success, I will make another one for Sunday…

This morning started out nice and warm I did not even wear a coat that was at 7:00 then it got dark and cold and rain and just generally crappy right now it is 50 degrees I could build a fire if I had wood. I was going to go shopping tonight I want to get a digital camera, I saw one at KMart for under $100.00 I think that would be a good beginner camera, but now that I am home and full I
feel lazy so I might just veg in front of the TV….

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Yesterday we had a Pizza Party at work they ordered 14 Pizza’s for all the drivers to come into the garage and socialize and have pizza I grazed all day and had to sample each different kind I usually don’t eat Pizza but I love it and could not resist I was so full by the end of the day I could not eat dinner but not to worry I worked it off today…

I got home and it was so nice and warm out but things needed done so first order of business I had to go to Giant Eagle to deposit a couple checks and pick up a few things of course I forgot the checks so I did my shopping and put all my stuff away then started on my Air conditioner in the kitchen window I left it there all winter as the outside part is protected by my porch so it really needed cleaned so I took it out of the window and did the windows and vacumed the inside out good and also cleaned the filter the put everything back and buttoned it all back together I changed the type of curtains I have hanging on that window so now my kitchen looks good and springy LOL whatever springy means.

I found a new recipe on the Strawberry cool Whip container for Strawberry Cheese Cake so I tried it. 1, 8 ounce package Phialdelphia Creme Cheese, 1/3 cup sugar, 2 cups thawed Strawberry Cool Whip, 1 honey maid 6 oz Graham pie crust, 1 cup sliced Strawberrys, You mix the Cream cheese and sugar with a mixed on high then mix in the Cool Whip my hand and spoon it into the pie crust and toss it into the fridge, ten top it with the sliced strawberrys before serving Just in case anybody is interested in trying it, really simple but I have not tried it yet…

My daughter stopped over after work it was so beautiful out we just sat on the porch and sipped Green Tea and just got caught up we always used to go out to dinner every Friday but once Race season starts that is put on hole we on ocasion go out for breakfast Saturday Morning I am so glad I have such a good relationship with my girls, Now it is late I am off to bed to face Friday..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉