Crazy week

my Marley

Last Wednesday at 7:15 pm my Beautiful Marley died, she was not sick did not show any bad signs I went out to mow at 5:00 I came in at 6:00 and she was laying on living room floor laboring badly to breath I went and looked up the vets number and there she was standing up wanting outside, so I let her out she peed then came back in and laid down again then back up and back outside to poop ok I figured she seems ok now then came back in laid down in living room and was looking for me out in the kitchen so I went and laid down with her was petting her telling her she would be ok then she died just like that, My daughter used to work for a vet and she said it is not unusual for that breed to have enlarged heart and it will get to the point where their lung fill up with fluid, I guess that is what happened, she said 10 years was good for her breed she used to see them die like that at 7 or 8. I miss her so bad it has been a week and I am still devastated it is so lonely and quiet she was with me for 8 years slept with me every night now just like that she is gone, so heartbreaking the only consolation is I was laying there holding her when she died and she knew I was right there with her.