Summer Heat

It seems like the older we get the faster time passes by, here it is into August already I have been at my new job for 4 months it is working out OK I finally have my medical insurance and had to join the union but with that I am on the overtime list for weekends I have been working every weekend Saturday is a lot harder since I work till Midnight Friday night then have to be at work 6:00AM the next morning last week I slept 1 1/2 before I was at work again I was really tired and could not wait to get home to nap when my friend called and they wanted to know if I wanted to go out to eat at Springfield Grill, Well I love that place so I napped maybe another 1 1/2 hour then we went to eat it was great and I slept really good Saturday night.It has been brutal hot at work it is just getting to be the hottest part of the day when I am getting to work but this week it is suppose to cool off into the 80s with I hope less humidity but as time passes soon I will complain about the cold.

Mom is doing good her house has been on the market for about a month now not too many takers but she is fine with that I guess it just takes time and she is not under any pressure to get it sold so however long it takes is fine. We was there for a cookout yesterday for mine and Crista’s birthdays we had a great day. Kelly went and took her motorcycle safety classes and got her bike license and bought a nice little road bike she looks so cute riding that bike but it worries me when she rides but i think she will be carefull but what can I say she is just doing what I like so all I can do is hope she stays safe.

I need to start to think about getting my wood for winter I need 3 cords total to get through winter I pretty much have all the good firewood cleaned out of my woods so I am looking to buy enough right now it is fairly cheap so while I am working the over time I think I had better get it delivered winter is right around the corner..

Enjoy Life,