Great Weather

Well I certainly can't complain about the winter here this year no major snows i only had to plow once and 2 days later it was all melted right now it is 26 and sunny and the weather reports say in the 50s later on this week that is great with only 4 more weeks till March and once March gets here it is downhill till summer and that is my favorite time of the year..


I recently got a new pair of work boots i always buy Red Wings (american made) they have always fit good but this pair is tight on my right foot so I have been trying to get them broke in at home before I start to spend 8 hours on my feet with them I hope I can soon get them to where i can wear them to work without blisters I have enough trouble getting through 8 hours don't need hurting feet on top of that. Work allows us one pair of work boots per year I bought these in October so i am thinking about buying another pair maybe a different style that might fit me better don't know still thinking about that one..


My wood supply has been holding up very wekk I think between the mild winter and all the insulation I have put up has helped i have only used up 1/2 so far that is 1 1/2 cord that is good will save me a lot of money for next winter. Both trucks are inspected for the year the 96 passed grest except for the windshield I had to replace ($250.00) that hurt and I just had the 03 done and it needs a new right front hub that will be around ($200.00) but what are you going to do they are both getting old and do need a little maintenance once in a while I guess just like me.


Am beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel for retirement I am 58 now 4 more years if all goes well I am not packing away 14% into my 401K and between that and my IRA I have around $50,000.00 right now my plan is to hit 6 figures then between my SS and my railroad retirement I should be OK at 62 I will then have enough to pay for hospitalization insurance till I hit 65 a lot to think about furtunatly I am still healthy and doing Ok so nothing else to do my just keep plugging away..


No vacations plans yet for this year I have my week in June and another week in September will no doubt just stay at porchview and maybe get my old bike project done..

Enjoy Life