I need Spring Time

Last night and today was the big dig out according to the weather station we got 23 inches of snow Friday night into Saturday that is a lot of snow Mom's driveway was drifted so bad it was up to my waist in spots, I got my quad stuck several times trying to get her plowed out but finally i got it done Saturday night after work so decided to wait till today to do my driveway. This morning i woke up to 0 degrees F that was cold and when i came home Saturday from work I just plowed my truck into my drive as best i could only to find it stuck in place today and that is with 4X4 finally got it dug out and everything is all cleaned up just in time for the next one Wednesday at least they are only calling for 6 inches this time..

Work has finally slowed a bit we are mostly back to 40 hrs per week with a couple hours OT hear and there I needed a break 60 hour work week was taking it's toll on my but am not complaining the money is good and i am happy to be working with so many people getting laid off thank goodness the railroad is still doing Ok..

Not much else new Mom had pneumonia a few weeks ago but she is much better really had me worried for a bit but she got her meds and is now doing Ok she made my stuffed chicken breast and German potatoes for my Super Bowl mean can' wait for dinner i think I will eat about 6:00 Oh bertha hurt her right foot a few days ago don't know what she did to it but today is seems to be getting better she hates this deep snow when she goes out to do her business she is such a fair weather dog.

Ok going to get ready for the big game since Steelers die not make it I am Hoping for a win from New Orleans I think they can do it..

Enjoy Life