My first week of vacation has begun well offically begins Tuesday but i am so glad for a week off no plans to go away I need to get so much done around my house so far today (remember i live alone and hate housework) I washed all my dishes, cleaned my kitchen table, and my computer desk, vacumed the livingroom, cleaned my bathroom floor, have done one load of laundry so far, changed my bed sheets and pillow cases, started to organize my tool box ( in garage) made a Pizza for lunch, took out the trash, changed batterys in my trash can lid,and that is all so far, I do want to do another couple loads of laundry yet today and the big thing is I need to get the Harley kicked to life.

Tomorrow i plan to tackle my spare bedroom i set my train up in there a couple years ago and it grew to take up the entire room, not that I ever have guests who need to but i plan to tear it down and put it in my extra room in the basement and get that room organized i want to take a lot of clother to good will I am somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to clother so anything I have not worn in the last year goes that should free up come room in my closets and dressers.

A robin build a nest in a hanging basket on my front porch there was 4 eggs in it and now they are all hatched and what a pain in the ass those birds are when I try to sit on the porch can't wait till they grow and fly away..

Enjoy Life