Good morning

I have been waiting all winter for this weather it felt good to be almost 90 degrees yesterday I don't get a 3 day weekend as monday is my rest day but i will get an extra days pay in my paycheck. Saturday after work i finally got the spring hangers and shackels changed so that was a big job out of the way now both trucks are both Ok i prefer to drive the 1996 Ranger as it is easier on gas.

Yesterday I went over to my brothers place to pick up my drill press he is moving and has to get rid of a lot so i make sure he did not sell it he has had it for almost 5 years now after that i took Mom out for brunch and then came home and got most of my grass cut then it got real hot so i just tinkered in the garage cleaning up my tools and workbench it actually got too warm out there so finally gave in and turned on my AC and then just did some inside work..

I have no special plans for today mom said she wanted to go to lowes and I also need to go grocery shopping maybe might go to sams club as it is right by lowesI don't know but right now i think I will take a shower and go sit on the porch and have my morning coffee and enjoy the warm morning..

Hope everybody has a great Memorial Day