Mid Week

Well it sure has been a busy and stressfull week for me I will be glad when it is over and I have a 3 day weekend we are finally getting all the equipment moved to where they should be We need to be completly out of the one big garage by friday and my main shop by the 15th it is all coming together but so sad, A girl from the IS department is in town to set up a couple computers and remove the hard drives from some of the existing ones, The phones are no shut off as the DSL lines are removed the full time people are done today we had a little get together for dinner again a sad thing. Oh the girl from IS her name is Kimra, she is from Kansas I think I have a little crush on her LOL it has been a long time for me she is such a pretty little thing but she is only here till Friday so it is just something I will keep to myself but I sure do enjoy being around her…..

I got my date for Conecticut I am leaving July 12th and will be working out there till August 13th we are flying out so we will be home every weekend I think in a way I will also be glad when that is done and I am home for good but what the heck it in another month of paychecks and I will need to hold off on collecting unemployment till the very last minute….

Being the holiday weekend I have been invited to 2 different partys so with the races Friday night it should be a fun weekend. Going to quit here I am not used to 14 hour days and am way more than ready for shower and bed..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉


Good Morning, I was rudely woke up with a call on my cell at 6:00 AM from the people from Philadelphia coming to pick up 5 pieces of equipment I did not get there in time to answer and they did not leave a message I never called back the buses are still in the lot so they have not gotten into town yet but I am up and already been up to check and make sure they all start I am going to try to find someone else to stand by my phone for me so I can go for a ride Vickie called me last night to check again they are riding up to Erie, Damn I want to go hopefully I can find someone if not I am going to call the St Louis people and see how they are making out if they are too far away and will not make it till Monday I will be good to go,

I also am a little stressed with a small tooth ache I woke up with this morning that is all I need So I had better get a denist appointment here fast I think I will be going to Conecticut July 12th and will be pretty much working there till August 13th so whatever I need to get done here I better get it taken care of as my insurance ends also on August 13th I am sure after that I will be able to find something cheap enough to hold me over till after school which speaking of school I still need to get ahold of them and arraing financing I know I better get busy on that I have been so tied up here with work I keep forgetting but I think there is still plenty of time at least I hope so, I will call them first thing Monday morning and get it taken care of….

Bertha has a problem with irinary track infections and she has to take medication for it everyday I ran out of medicine a couple weeks ago and kept forgetting to get it when she gets that infection she has to pee a lot and has to be let out several times a day I got her meds refilled but a little too late she had an accident while I was in New York Crissy comes to feed her and let her out but she did not get to go out enough so I had one heck of a time with the smell short of renting a scrubber to scrub the carpet last night at Giant Eagle I found “Arm & Hammer Vacuum Free Carpet Deodorizer” it did the job nicely my next step was a carpet scrubber so I lucked out and poor Bertha’s infection is all better now I am thinking maybe I should put her in a Kennel while I am in Conecticut it would be much better for her and less work for Crissy I will check Monday morning on the price..

At 11:00 I am going to the Runway resturant with Mom and Aunt Linda for Brunch they have a great Brunch there and Aunt Linda is going back to Arizona Monday I had a job offer for Surprise Arizona that is close to where she lives and she would have liked for me to move out there and I do love Arizona but still decided to stay here….

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉


I got my mowing done it took forever it was so high but finally it is done still need to do some weed eating I will get that done tomorrow my riding friend called and she said they were planning on a ride tomorrow unfortunatly I have some people coming into town from Philadelphia and St Louis to pick up some equipment so since I am the contact person I will have to be here to make sure they get off Ok I hate salary ….

I think I am going to get started on some laundry then figure out dinner I don’t really have much here so maybe I might go out I don’t know I am not all that hungry but have only had a glass of tomatoe juice since breakfast so I need to come up with a plan…

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

New York

My trip was over Thursday Night we got home arounf 6:00 we left Monday morning at 5:00 AM the drive was long but it went good when we got to the garage I met the GM and all the techs things seem to be going Ok so we checked into the motel and just relaxed and had a few drinks and dinner. Tuesday I met the applicant for the Shop Supervisor job and interviewed him he was highly qualified and he had worked there before so he knew the operation and shop and the mechanics so I hired him so with that done and out of the way i checked the work load it was not too bad considereing no shop supervisor the guys really did a good job they had DOT inspections on wednesday and everything seemed to be in order so I did a few things on the computer entered mileage and ran a few reports and did a few odds and ends and that pretty much took up the day. Wednesday the DOT inspector cancelled so I spent the dat training the new Shop Supervisor on the computer system and month end and all the reports we need to do during the month it went good he knows computers so that was helpfull. Thursday DOT inspections went on and it went so well that we said out good byes and headed home at 9:00 AM
[album 78237 NY2.jpg]
this is one of the pictures I took of the scenery on interstate 84 in New York the scenery was beautiful the pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped but I still got some….

Friday was so busy the close date for one of my garages was updated to July 5th so it is so hectic and it was a full and stressfull day so I was so happy when it was over and I could come home and take a little nap I took a long hot shower and got ready and left for the races it was a good night and we really had fun I did not get home till almost 1:00 so I pretty much went straight to bed and slept really good. We are all going to breakfast this morning in about 1/2 hour then I really need to Mow and do laundry I am so behind..

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉


[album 78237 window.jpg]
I realize it is only a window but you would had to have seen the old one to appreciate the new one I wish I would have taken a before picture my old window was wooden and in pretty bad shape when I removed it I took the trim off and it just fell out it leaked cold air in the winter and was just plain nasty from all the years of dampness fron meing in the bathroom so I am thrilled with the new one and the fact I could install it I am told I did not do it right but what it right or wrong ?? It is in and solid and sealed and looks good so I think I did it right….

I was freezing when I got up this morning I looked at the thermostat and it was 65 degrees fo I fired up the furnace maybe I just should have gotten dressed but it was early so once the furnace kicked on I took a shower and now it is warming up a bit still need to get dressed….

Today is more laundry some last minute cleaning up and off to Dad’s then home to pack and relax and hopefully to bed early so I can get a decent amount of sleep for the trip. Yesterday I took Bertha’s bed outside to shake off all the hair and she said ” Oh a game” and grabbed it and took off running LOL I had a heck of a time catching her and getting it back we for sure for some good exersize during the “game” finally did get it back in it’s spot in the livingroom she has 2 beds one in the livingroom and one in the bedroom…..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

New York

Thursday Night I get a call from the north East region supervisor he told me at the shop in Albany New York that the operation supervisor, Shop Supervisor, and lead Tech all walked off the job they have a lot of union problems up there, so he wanted me to go there with 2 of my mechanics and be there for first thing Monday Morning *sigh* I said ok of course mainly because I got the word I will be getting 6 months pay for severance so the least i can do is go where they want me and do whatever is needed. Friday we had a conferance call about the problems up there and it was not as bad as first thought only the ops supervisor and Shop Supervisor walked, they were husband and wife, so I am still going up with one mechanic mainly to make a show other people “Go ahead and quit we can have a crew there in one day to take your place” while I am there I will make sure the work is being kept up with I am taking my lead Tech with me in case they need help, and I am going to be interviewing people for the empty positions, and now I am leaving Monday Morning instead of Sunday. I should be there till Thursday if all goes well I really need to get back here to get my shops here shut down before the 30th…

Friday night was just beautiful no rain and the races went on great we had a really good time I needed that. This morning I got up early I have so much to do my Aunt Linda is home from Arizona and wants to see the bathroom so I got the floor finished up just a little bit ago and now need to do some seroius cleaning on the rest of my neglected house. I also realized I am behind on laundry sooo I am also doing laundry so I have enough clothes for the trip and need to get packed here soon….

Tomorrow i will be going to visit Dad I need to go around 11:00 to get the grill fired up and we are going to eat around noon being there will be so many people there. I need to get home early as I will probably still need to finish packing and we are leaving at 5:00 AM monday morning so I will be trying to get to bed early…..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

Nothing is easy

I stopped in Career Track Yesterday to inquire about financial help for my schooling First off I found out I am only eligible for 26 weeks of unemployment being school lasts for 60 weeks I need to do some serious thinking about my finances I can barely live on what I will get on unemployment so that means a part time job no big deal really there are plenty around my big problem is what to do after unemployment runs out I will be getting around $5000.00 in back vacation pay that will help possibly Severance pay since I have been at this job for 23 years I may get something but I am not counting on it so I have about $13,000.00 in my 401K hate to cash that in. I am going to the back and see if I can increase my line of credit on my house I owe $24,000 and my last apprasial was $60,000.00 so I should get some extra there and it depends on how much exactly I get on unemployment and how much my part time job pays I just have to wait and see I will be eligible for a grant for $5000.00 toward school but I can’t get that till I am unemployed which will not be till the second wek of August that leaves me with a Student loan for $10,000 which I guess I can’t complain since I just recently bought a $20,000.00 Harley so spending $10,000 on my education is well worth it but that was when I had good money coming in but one thing I will not do is sell my Bikes I will figure out a way all in all things still look like they will work out It’s just that nothing is Easy..

All that is left in the bathroom is the trim work which will not take too long I am really happy with the way it turned out…

I finally backed my bike out and cleaned it up and went for a nice long ride it do my a lot of good to get my knees in the breeze again at least till the thunder storm showed up and chased me back home and I see another is on it’s way but what the heck it is better than snow….
Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

Running Water

Well I am so pleased to have running water in my bathroom sink but what a pain that was I had to move the sink to the other side of the room and move the plumbing, the drain was not too bad I just used 3 1/2 inch plastic pipe cut into the shower drain and glued it in the water was another story I had to solder 4 joints in 2 t’s close to the shower pipes and cap it off at the other end where the sink used to be I did that and turned it on LOL it leaked like the Titanic it was horrible and once you put water to it the water must all be removed before a good solder can be made well I finally after 2 hours got the leaks all stopped and decided to finish it with plastic pipe much easier, so I drilled the holes in the floor for the pipes to come up through and sure enough it was right on top of a beam in the basement another hour to figure that problem out, and now it is all working great….

Work was sad today everything is being boxed up and equipment is being shipped out all my memories of the last 23 days are leaving I got my notice that the garages are going to be shut down June 30th but I think I will be working till August there is a new start up in Conecticut so I am thinking I will be working up there which is a good thing that gives me another 6 weeks of pay before i need to start with the unemployment I will have about a week between getting laid off and school starting so I guess a nice little vacation…

I realized when I got home from work today that the kitchen was bare I had not gone shopping for a long time so I went to Giant Eagle and stocked up came home made dinner then I got some of my bedroom cleaned and vacumed and another load of laundry I am so far behind on stuff around here but on the bright side the bathroom should be done this weekend then I can get back to normal…

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

About Me

1. Swimming in the Ocean
2. Movies
3. Pizza
4. Zippo Lighters
5. Coffee in the Morning
6. Thunder Storms
7. Girls who Flirt with me
8. Riding my Harley
9. Warm Summer Days
10. Sitting on the porch in the evening
11. My Dog
12. Money
13. Steeler Football

1. Behind Enemy Lines
2. Terminator– all 3
3. Swordfish
4. Hunt For Red October
5. The Bodyguard
6. Ghost Ship
7. Armageddon
8. My Cousin Vinny
9. Jurassic Park—All 3
10.The Specialist
11. Tears Of The Sun
12. Anaconda

1. AC-DC
2. Meat Loaf
3. Kansas
4. Collective Soul
5. ZZ Top
6. Bob Seger
9.Phil Collins

1. I wear glasses
2. Very little hair
3. Not very attractive
4. slightly overweight, but told I don’t look it
5. 6 Tattos
6. Lazy on the weekends
7. Smashed a findernail and it never grew back
8. I am short
9. Blue Eyes
10. I am Hyperactive at work

1. Finishing remodeling my House
2. Starting School
3. Beginning my new career
4. Riding My Harley
5. Any Holiday
6. Paying off My House
7. Buying a New Truck
8. Vacation in July
9. Retiring some day

1. Cheese Burgers
2. Pizza
3. Coffee
4. Green Tea
5. Spagetti and meatballs
6. T Bone Steak and FF
7. Macaroni Salad
8. Chocolate Cake

1. Socks & Underwear
2. Jeans and T Shirt
3. Watch
4. Glasses
5. Ring on each Little finger
6 Silver chain around Neck
7. A Hat

1. Impatient People
2. My Neighbors Dog
3. Road Rage
4. Waiting too long for dinner at Resturant
5. Being inturupted when I am talking
6. People who don’t listen

1. Glasses
2. A Coffee Cup
3. My Computer
4. TV Remote
5. Zippo Lighter

1. J.A.G
2. CSI
3. Enterprise
4. News

1. Sharon Stone
2. Halle Berry
3. Jennifer Lopez

1. None

1. Ride My Harley

LOL That was exhausting
Enjoy Life
tim 😉

productive day

[album 78237 remodel1.jpg]
We got a lot done today one more big piece of wallboard up this was a special pain because it had a light switch and electrical outlet that needed cut out this is not easy we messed up by 3/4 of an inch so I just moved the boxes in the wall up and they fit just fine plus I got a lot more of the floor done. This is the sink area it is where the ugly tub used to be to the left is the shower stall you can’t really see it and to the right you can see a little bit of my new window we still have trim to get up we are staining that a little at a time, I have a very small bathroom but this gives an idea as to how it is coming I have all the plumbing to do yet I need to go to the hardware store for pipe and fittings i waited too long now it is too late but tomorrow is another day. I am finished for today Crimson Tide is on one of my favorite movies so time to veg.
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉