New York

Thursday Night I get a call from the north East region supervisor he told me at the shop in Albany New York that the operation supervisor, Shop Supervisor, and lead Tech all walked off the job they have a lot of union problems up there, so he wanted me to go there with 2 of my mechanics and be there for first thing Monday Morning *sigh* I said ok of course mainly because I got the word I will be getting 6 months pay for severance so the least i can do is go where they want me and do whatever is needed. Friday we had a conferance call about the problems up there and it was not as bad as first thought only the ops supervisor and Shop Supervisor walked, they were husband and wife, so I am still going up with one mechanic mainly to make a show other people “Go ahead and quit we can have a crew there in one day to take your place” while I am there I will make sure the work is being kept up with I am taking my lead Tech with me in case they need help, and I am going to be interviewing people for the empty positions, and now I am leaving Monday Morning instead of Sunday. I should be there till Thursday if all goes well I really need to get back here to get my shops here shut down before the 30th…

Friday night was just beautiful no rain and the races went on great we had a really good time I needed that. This morning I got up early I have so much to do my Aunt Linda is home from Arizona and wants to see the bathroom so I got the floor finished up just a little bit ago and now need to do some seroius cleaning on the rest of my neglected house. I also realized I am behind on laundry sooo I am also doing laundry so I have enough clothes for the trip and need to get packed here soon….

Tomorrow i will be going to visit Dad I need to go around 11:00 to get the grill fired up and we are going to eat around noon being there will be so many people there. I need to get home early as I will probably still need to finish packing and we are leaving at 5:00 AM monday morning so I will be trying to get to bed early…..

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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