Warm summer

so far it’s been a beautiful summer although a little bit warm but beautiful all the same I have not had much chance to ride my bike since Lulu came to live with me although at 5 months she is getting much better with me leaving I went to races last night at 6:00 and got home around 10:30 she was good girl I took her out and she did her business she is getting better at holding it as she is growing she is around 50 pounds I will know for sure when I take her to vet the end of September for blood work before she gets spayed

I have been getting a lot of use out of my Kayak this summer we have a huge man made lake not to far from my house I go there a lot it’s beautiful there I even tried stand up paddle boarding boy that is hard I did manage to stand up and paddle but after about 15 minutes my knees started to hurt and I ended up falling in but it was fun however I will stick with my kayak I think

I finally got my 57 hardtop finished and running good took it out a few times and had no problems the last issue was the rubbing noise coming from rear end I discovered the new brake drums were egg shaped I put new drums on and she did really well I am happy with it now to get busy this winter on the sedan.

that’s about it for now my goal is to update more often so let’s see how that works out


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