This year for some reason winter time is really getting me down I still manage to get out on trails everyday according to my walking app I walked 147 miles last month I have hit a major and I mean major plateau with weight loss I gained some when Marley died and I broke my ankle and now I can’t seem to lose any of course I know why I am eating too much I just can’t get back into the swing of my eating habits when I lost all the weight I kept a daily journal so I look back on that so I know what I need to do but maybe it is winter time depression but I just say screw it and go ahead and eat too much it is February first so maybe might be prefect time to get back on track.

I am also in a rut with the car started stripping undercoating off underside of hood it is almost don’t ready for paint but there again I have stalled hopefully when winter ends things will get better.

A couple weeks ago I went for an organized walk on another trail I usually don’t walk on it was short only a mile but runs along the river and ended at an old railroad tunnel that is being restored it is a cold but fun day I think since the trail up in that area mostly flat and all runs along the river I want to start riding my bike up there when weather improves should be fun and build up my leg muscles so I can ride longer without stopping so often

That is me a little to right of center with orange hat it was a good day