Cooler weather

After a few 70 degree days I got spoiled it is in the 50s now and I l like I am freezing. I have been walking every day 3 miles and in afternoon I ride my bike I am up to 12 miles per day my knees still hurt it has been 3 weeks now I am hoping the pain goes away everyone tells me it will go away I hope they are right.

I worked on trail today they needed volunteers for cleaning up brush we spent about 4 hours on it we had a chipper I don’t like them but this one wasn’t really too big and I got used to it still I sort of stood way back when I was feeding branches into it.

Now the news I hope I am not making a mistake it has been 6 months since Marley died and I am still,heartbroken, so I am getting a new pup she is a Black Lab Retriever right now she is 19 days old I have not picked her out yet she is from a little of 6 and I am third in line to pick her out hopefully in another week, her name is Lulu I can’t wait but also like I said I hope I am not making a mistake

this could be her they all look so much alike