Merry Christmas

My Week is finally over it seemed to last forever but it did end and we got an early leave which means we got to leave at 2:30 instead of 3:30 so that was nice I have 3 days off we have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off with pay so since they Celebrate Christmas day on Monday I get paid for Saturday as christmas Eve and Sunday is my scheduled day off and i will get paid for monday as Christmas so i love a 3 day weekend..

All my shopping is done tomorrow I will just do some house chores and watch the game then I will be going over to Mom's to cut up the ham and turkey i enjoy that as i get to sample everything and bring some home with me..

Work is good no more overtime miss the money but damn the 10 hour days are brutal for me but things are slow at work and we are getting caught up on a lot of stuff madly over due so all is good there. No snow yet I am thrilled with that and the warm weather only 9 more weeks till march no meaning to with my life away but I am anxious for spring winter always depresses me I want the warm weather and a ride on my Harley but as usual that will come in time.

I am anxious to see the girls Sunday we always have a really good time on Christmas..

Enjoy Life