i think i just lost my last entry so here we go again I think winter is finally over here it has been getting warmer but the rain just will not let up but on the bright side my wood has held up good still using it it should last till it is warms up to the point I will not need it..

My 96 Ranger held up good over the winter i did a lot of work last fall and after i got it inspected i drove it for a couple weeks and then parked it for the winter once the snow went away i tryed it and it started up and ran just fine pretty good for sitting all winter so for a change both trucks are up and runneing well still have some work to do on the old one but nothing major will take care of that when it warms up.

Work has been crazy busy we have been working six 10 hour days per week it has been taking it's toll on me so i turned down today and monday to give myself a 2 day weekend I am really behind on my work around the house so after dinner at Mom's I am going to hit hard laundry and dishes and i hope to get it all done i have some running to do tomorrow plus grocery shopping then it is back to the long hours at work but as always it will come to an end.

Can't wait to get the Harley out the battery is all charged up and I installed a battery tender so once the rain quits and it warms up I will get back on 2 wheels I can't wait.

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Enjoy Life