First Ride

Finally Spring is here Yasterday I installed my new battery and started to get my bike cleaned and serviced for the riding season I got about half way through and could not stand it anymore and latched on my helmet and took off, The first ride is always the best it was so warm I fueled up and decided to go up to the Harley shop and see if I could get in for my annual inspection they took me so I am all set now it was great to be back on the road..

My graduation went really well I was slightly nervous getting up in front of a big crowd of people to give an acceptance speech but everybody said it was great so I felt good about that I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all my classmates.In addition to that I got an Honors certificate and National Honor Society award, It was a good day all around.

On the job front I had my physical and drug test a week ago Tuesday I still have not heard back from them I was concerned as I turned down a good job at a local Steel mill that called me so I called them this morning and they said they were still waiting for the physical paper work and they are planning on me starting next Wednesday, that made me feel a lot better.

Tim 😉

New Job

I decided to go ahead and accept the railroad job I called the other place and told them of my decision the man was rather unfriendly actually downright rude to me but Oh well I need to do what is best for me, the pay is better and it is closer to home so I made my decision. last friday the HR department called me and said my background checked out OK and they set me up for my physical and back Xrays today it went well except the doctor said I have slight loss of high frequency hearing and slight blood in my urine he said usually that is not a big problem but he said I should get it checked out by my primary doctor, I did not bother to get into it with him about my last year and a half without health insurance, but last Saturday I went all night bowling after not bowling for almost 20 years the next morning I was sore in places I did not even know I had so I am just figuring it is that unusual strain but after I get my insurance I will get that looked into.Now hopefully I will be starting work in about a week.

Sunday is my graduation ceremony, I am co valadectorian so I have to deliver a small speech I have gotten a lot of advice and I have it all written out and now I feel aside from a little bit of nervousness speaking in front of a crowd I should be just fine..

I need spring I am tired of this cold and I have had enough of this wood burner everyday I want to wake up warm, I had to go get more wood today this should be my last load I hope..

Tim 😉


I am still waiting on my criminal background check for my job, but today I was called for an interview with the railroad I passed my pre employment test so today at 1:30 I have the interview now even though I accepted that other job I still want to follow through with this job it may be a better offer and it certainly is closer to home. I feel much better with job opoptunities it is not the easiest thing to find a good job at my age but it does seem to be working out for the best..

The weather is finally breaking and it is going into the 60s all the rest of the week, I did run out of wood I decided to heat with only wood this winter as I had gotten a new wood burner, so today I went and bought a small rack and got it all stacked and ready so this should last me until it warms up I sure saved a fortune with the price of natural gas, and I got a new water heater a couple months ago so my last gas bill was for $32.00 that was great with my financial situation…

Tim 😉

Long Harsh Trip

I have not updated since last July bad me, So much has happened, school just continued through the summer the last 2 semesters were quite difficult AC/DC Theory, and PLC was hard but I managed and did really well. I was to graduate on December 12th, Novenber 15th Dad passed away that made my last month at school even harder but I made it and graduated on the 12th. that is when the fun started I applied and applied but could not find a job for over $8.00 per hour I still worked part time at the garage but I was quickly burning through the last of my savings, I can’t decribe how down and out I was feeling it was almost 3 months and I just could not find a job so depressing I had interviews but no call backs, I was down to $300.00 in my savings so i sold some of my stock holdings, $1800.00 I figured that would last me a couple months but still I was worried. then things all of a sudden changed, Sunday I got a call from B&P Railroad for a pre employment test On Tuesday for a job I applied for Locomotive Mechanic/Electrician. I was not real excited as things just have not been going my way, then Monday I got a call for an interview from a Private contractor for an electrician for Tuesday Evening. I was in the middle of my test for the railroad when I phone rang, after I completed the test, (very difficult) Here it was a call back from another company in Slippery Rock that I had an interview with 3 weeks ago it was the girl from HR department making her follow up call, she said they will let me know by the weekend one way or another, LOL I have heard that before, and was not going to hold my breath. I took Mom out for lunch that day then as soon as I came home I got a call offering me the job. I took it for Maintenance Tech for a large manufacturing company it is what I want although entry level pay is $15.00 per hour I can make that work, so I yet have to get my criminal history report back and physical and drug and Alcohol test so I should be working within 2 weeks what a relieve, live can really test you sometimes..