New Job

I decided to go ahead and accept the railroad job I called the other place and told them of my decision the man was rather unfriendly actually downright rude to me but Oh well I need to do what is best for me, the pay is better and it is closer to home so I made my decision. last friday the HR department called me and said my background checked out OK and they set me up for my physical and back Xrays today it went well except the doctor said I have slight loss of high frequency hearing and slight blood in my urine he said usually that is not a big problem but he said I should get it checked out by my primary doctor, I did not bother to get into it with him about my last year and a half without health insurance, but last Saturday I went all night bowling after not bowling for almost 20 years the next morning I was sore in places I did not even know I had so I am just figuring it is that unusual strain but after I get my insurance I will get that looked into.Now hopefully I will be starting work in about a week.

Sunday is my graduation ceremony, I am co valadectorian so I have to deliver a small speech I have gotten a lot of advice and I have it all written out and now I feel aside from a little bit of nervousness speaking in front of a crowd I should be just fine..

I need spring I am tired of this cold and I have had enough of this wood burner everyday I want to wake up warm, I had to go get more wood today this should be my last load I hope..

Tim 😉

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