First Ride

Finally Spring is here Yasterday I installed my new battery and started to get my bike cleaned and serviced for the riding season I got about half way through and could not stand it anymore and latched on my helmet and took off, The first ride is always the best it was so warm I fueled up and decided to go up to the Harley shop and see if I could get in for my annual inspection they took me so I am all set now it was great to be back on the road..

My graduation went really well I was slightly nervous getting up in front of a big crowd of people to give an acceptance speech but everybody said it was great so I felt good about that I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all my classmates.In addition to that I got an Honors certificate and National Honor Society award, It was a good day all around.

On the job front I had my physical and drug test a week ago Tuesday I still have not heard back from them I was concerned as I turned down a good job at a local Steel mill that called me so I called them this morning and they said they were still waiting for the physical paper work and they are planning on me starting next Wednesday, that made me feel a lot better.

Tim 😉

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