Vacation at Last


Well that was the first time I lost an entire entry just before getting ready to post will try it this way copy and paste from open office..

Today I begin my vacation as of 3:00 today I am off for 9 days I know it will just fly by but still I really need to time off. I have to get my wood finished I got one cord done I just can't seem to find the ambition after work so will take advantage of my days off and get it finished up..

The last couple evenings were cold like in the lower 40s so I decided I better get my furnace serviced and make sure that is working Ok so far it is still I need to go to Lowes here maybe tomorrow and get the filter I need other than that it is working fine I keep the thermostat on 66 that is warm enough.

So I still need to clean out the chimney before I light the wood burner that job also will be done sometime next week. Speaking of next week my Aunt Linda is coming to visit for the week will be nice to see her it has been about 6 months should be a lot of fun.

I broke up with my girlfriend from Mexico the language barrier was just too much for me she could speak English OK but not all that well it was really hard to keep a conversation going when I know she did not understand a lot of what I was saying, there were many other issues too many to get into but I am glad I ended it was not going to turn out good but on the bright side I did see a lot of Mexico. So now it is just myself and Bertha again LOL she is always here for me…

Enjoy Life



I had my eye exam a couple weeks ago I need a slight change of perscription and have not gotten new glasses in 3 years but as good as my insurance is at work they only pay $75.00 toward frames and lenses i remember last time I got them I had to pay a little over $500.00 so did not order them but they gave me my perscription so I had this bright idea to order them online I found what i think is a good site and can get them for $212.00 hell frames alone at the eye doctor was $200.00 so I am going to give them a try I got the no line progressive and transisition so I will see when they come hopefully i did not waste $212.00


Summers end

I guess summer is almost over as usual summer went by too fast although yesterday felt like mid summer it was  95 degrees i know other places are hotter but working outside in theat crap was miserable at least i turned on the AC for bertha before I left so once i got home it was nice and cool I did venture outside but only for a minute was way too muggy but I am now watching the news and going to rain today but going to cool off next week..


I am thinking today to do laundry I am way behind usually I try to get it done every weekend but was lazy last weekend so far i have one load in the dryer and another in the washer I just finished up my dishes. I have a picnic to go to later on today I am thinking 4;00 it is with my ex girlfriend to her familys house we all get along well so it should be a good time. Am i going to kick it in with Jane again ??? I don't know it did not work out last time but that was 11 years ago I know you should not look back but we get along well and I do get lonely i don't know we are fine now but what happens later ????????????


Tomorrow the weather guy says a lot cooler so i might get back on wood splitting it is that time of year again i got a little bit done last Monday but just was too tired after work so I hope to get a big dent in it come tomorrow.


Work is going well not too busy no overtime so am glad for that 4 more years to go…


Enjoy Life