I had big plans for today could not seem to get much done at night as it gets dark so fast after work, anyhow i wanted to finally finish up the truck all it needed was for me to put the inner fender back on and the left front tire so last night i got the inner fender on all except for a couple broken bolts which I need to drill out. Today Mom wanted to go to a new restaurant recently opened locally for buffet lunch it was great but started to rain while in eating so the truck sits another day as do the leaves in the yard on the bright side tomorrow looks dry.

Work was really hectic yesterday the people in charge think the weekend is the best time to send locomotives down for service so yesterday morning 14 units were sitting there waiting for our attention it generally takes an hour per unit we got 12 done I sure was glad when my day was over.

just finished my latest book "Epitaph Road" by David Patneaude I thought it was great once it got going I had a hard time putting it down Thanks Franny for the tip. I am thinking today I will just watch some football among other dreadful chores like dishes and laundry I hate doing that stuff but things are getting backed up so after I finish this entry I had better get started.

Oh my granddaughter in touring New York City with her School Orchestra I get texts from her almost daily she is having a great time i can just imaging as I had the opportunity to visit the city a few years ago did not get to see near as much as I wanted but loved it New York is an amazing place I hope to visit there again someday..

Enjoy Life