August 7th

Well I was getting so many spam comments I was really frustrated I think I got maybe 10 today so I finally figured it out I found where I needed to click a box that only allows actual DD users to comment and it worked I have not gotten any since then that really irritated me, fixed now.

When I registered me Harley I applied for what they call vanity license plate the one I wanted was TROSS and I got it I thought it was a pretty cool plate till lately it seems someone also got that plate only it is registered to a car and he appears to run through toll booths without paying and they take a picture of his plate TROSS and of course they have been sending me bills, the first was from Delaware I sent it back explaining that is a car plate and I have it on my motorcycle after about a month they sent it again and I again sent info that it is a picture of car not a motorcycle, have not heard back now just Friday I get another one from PA turnpike he did it again and it is clearly a car so again I am sending in info explaining it is not me that one was for 7.50 and the Delaware one is 51.00 I refuse to pay them just have to wait and see when I hear back from them


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