I picked up Lulu on May 27th she had not had her first shots yet so I had to sort of keep here away from things till after my vet appointment so after that we hit the trail with my friend she brought her dogs slowly to meet her finally they all met and all get along really well we have been going out everyday and slowly walking farther today we walked 2.48 miles she did pretty good I might take her out this afternoon and try a different part of trail, she is doing really well with house training only went once in house other than that so far so good she is starting to bark when she wants out either that old rings the bells I have hanging on door and 11 weeks I think she is doing good.

Last weekend I went to Jeep fest in Butler they have a big celebration as the Jeep was invented in Butler pa there was 2500 Jeep’s in parade and 1500 lined up on Main Street I left Lulu alone for 4 hours that day and she did well so happy about that.

Weather is so warm and humid, it’s about time I want to work on my car today I have to change fuel line and drain some gas out it seems I got water in the tank somehow that is the project for the day

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