productive day

[album 78237 remodel1.jpg]
We got a lot done today one more big piece of wallboard up this was a special pain because it had a light switch and electrical outlet that needed cut out this is not easy we messed up by 3/4 of an inch so I just moved the boxes in the wall up and they fit just fine plus I got a lot more of the floor done. This is the sink area it is where the ugly tub used to be to the left is the shower stall you can’t really see it and to the right you can see a little bit of my new window we still have trim to get up we are staining that a little at a time, I have a very small bathroom but this gives an idea as to how it is coming I have all the plumbing to do yet I need to go to the hardware store for pipe and fittings i waited too long now it is too late but tomorrow is another day. I am finished for today Crimson Tide is on one of my favorite movies so time to veg.
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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