Rainy Friday

No Races tonight they were rained out ;-( I hate that because I really look forward to Friday night at the races Oh well I had a text from Crissy when I got home since the races were cancelled we did dinner I just got home I had an omelet and side of link Sausage although I was not all that hungry I had another appointment with the Attorney to finish up all the legal crap for Mom then we went and had lunch I had this big Hot Sausage sandwich I was still full but it was good to go out with Crissy……

I took the Cheese Cake to work after I topped it with the Strawberrys and before I left for my other location a driver came in and saw it I offered her a piece she took a very slice as she is watching her weight she made it 1/2 ways to the door and did an about face and took a big piece LOL Damn the diet when it comes to Cheese Cake, Everybody else loved it also but I never got a piece I had major issues at the other garage to I had to run and it did not last long so I call it a success, I will make another one for Sunday…

This morning started out nice and warm I did not even wear a coat that was at 7:00 then it got dark and cold and rain and just generally crappy right now it is 50 degrees I could build a fire if I had wood. I was going to go shopping tonight I want to get a digital camera, I saw one at KMart for under $100.00 I think that would be a good beginner camera, but now that I am home and full I
feel lazy so I might just veg in front of the TV….

Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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