Digital Camera

This is Mom’s flower for Mothers day See Maggie I am going to follow through and I can’t fit this in the saddle bag but it is going to rain anyhow !!
[album 78237 Mom flower.jpg]
I began today not really making any plans I knew I would have to mow so I moved my truck so I could get my tractor out of the garage then Crissy sent me a text asking for help bolting the umbrella to her picnic table so I said sure I went to leave and no truck keys LOL how in the heck in that short of time can you lose keys, So I grabbed my spare set and took off we needed to buy a bolt of course so we went to Kmart first I bought a Digital Camera Next Crissy wanted a charcoal Grill so we found a nice one and I got it for her plus Charcoal and lighter fuel I got Mom her flower and just as I was on my way to the check out I remembered the reason I went for a bolt LOL all I needed was 1 less that a dollar bolt and end up spending over $200.00 story of my life….

I dropped Cris off and she started to set up her grill and I came home I messed with the camera a little bit then started to mow I stayed on that all day till I got it all done now I just need to do some trimming I still have to figure out dinner…

Enjoy Life
Tim 😉

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