Was a good weekend I I got my walks in in fact I did 6 miles on Saturday had the nice breakfast with Sam. Sunday was a fun day we all went to Longhorn steakhouse for Kelly’s birthday lunch it was so good I got the outlaw ribeye and baked potato only ate half it was delish was going to eat the other half for dinner today I still might. I had all the ingredients for chili so I got moms recipe so decided to make it turned out really really good.

chili ready to cook

I summered it for about an hour am very pleased I had to have a bowl right now before I put it away it is a huge pot hard to cook for only one so I dug out some Tupperware and will freeze a good bit of it as as it is now 2:45 I doubt I will have leftover steak I can always have that tomorrow.

I took Mom down for her blood work it was low she blamed it on her COVID shot I am so glad I didn’t arrange it she said her doctor told her to get it so anything goes wrong it is on him and not me she gets her second shot Friday and again they will do her bloodwork the following Monday so we will see if that makes a difference.

I have pellet burner going out in garage I might go out there for a bit to work on one of the cars or maybe go for a little walk don’t know yet I am all cleaned up from chili and most of it is frozen it really turned out good I am happy with that recipe . Will be 2 weeks this Wednesday since my second covid shot I still feel fine no adverse reaction and am glad i got vaccinated


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