Saturday Morning

Went for my morning walk this morning after dropping Mom off to get her hair done that is a usual Saturday morning for me we walked 3 miles I walk with my friend, Felicia, she walks her 5 dogs and I help her keep them under control but on Saturday and Sunday her husband walks so I don’t usually do much on the walk on weekend except to enjoy the walk. Lately I have been searching out geocaches I found 3 so far alone the trail

This is an old abandoned railroad bridge

Today after my walk I met Sam (my granddaughter) for breakfast and her son Landon ( my great grandson) we had a nice breakfast I love spending time with them just lately Sam and I have been spending more time together I really like that. Now yesterday was my daughters (Kelly) birthday, Sams mom, and we are all getting together for dinner to celebrate I can’t wait it will,be a really fun day.

Landon , he is such a sweetheart loves his pancakes