Warm morning

Today was beautiful morning for my Daily walk it was 60 degrees just perfect spring day got my 3 miles in. I went out for breakfast figured I would treat myself it has been a while I had steak and eggs, delicious. It is noon now and beginning to rain still mild out .

it has been over a week since I got my second COVID shot no side effects at all just the normal sore spot on my arm I am glad I got it another week till it kicks in fully then I will be protected. So many younger people say they don’t want it I prefer the vaccine over having to be in hospital on a ventilator but what the heck that’s just me we are LOL different I guess it’s a personal choice.

I guess I will work on my car some today as it’s raining and I got some yard work done yesterday so trying to be somewhat productive everyday.

one of my favorite sections of trip can’t wait till it green again