Memorial Day

I just finished 7 day straight working talk about being burned out but on the bright side I am getting paid for today and i start vacation tomorrow so i am off till next monday. I have not done a thing yet today of course i woke up at 5:00 and could not get back to sleep so i have just vegged all day so far and had 1/2 of a headache I took some advil and am going to have some lunch and then I think am taking the Harley out for a nice long relaxing ride.

Nothing else new going on just lots of overtime, Mom's birthday is tomorrow i got her a couple solar lights for the top of the  posts on her deck and Friday the girls and I are going to take her to J Bar for dinner she loves their prime rib as i do also so she is excited about that and she really likes it when us 4 get together.

Enjoy Life,