Day off sort of

We still are not working overtime on the weekends I have mixed emotions about that it sure is nice to have weekends off but the money is good so whatever it should begin soon in the meantime I intend to try to get caught up, today (after sleeping in nicely) I mowed my grass and Mom’s also I buryed the electric line from her place to the garage her freezer is in there and I am using a blue extension cord untill I get a perminment line in I went as far as the skirting and quit it was getting to be around 4:00 and I wanted to go out for dinner and get home to take a nap and watch the game that all worked out and I must admit that nap felt good..

I have been getting a lot of riding in you know it is hot when I rode home from work at Midnight without wearing my jacket it was beautiful all week but glad I took advantage as it is suppose to rain all next week and we sure do need it so I better check and make sure my poor pick up will still run I have not used it for a while..

Tomorrow is my nieces birthday we all get together at the Runway resturant for brunch at 11:00 AM that is a lot of fun and really good food I can’t wait. Time to feed my dog and think about crawling into bed, Oh love my new DSL I finally got it plus the router working just fine..


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