Long week

Am glad my week is finally over, Friday was not one of my best days at work, I was assigned to work on unit 458 it needed an oil cooler changed these oil coolers are big and heavy and needs a special tool attached to the crane to remove and install. Well afternoon shift removed the old cooler and had the new one sitting on the floor so we got rid of the old one and after bolting the new one on the tool we proceded to install it now this was only my second oil cooler installation it was going really good but something just did not seem right but it went in good and we started to bolt it in but things were just not right too much room it was too easy then a co worker came by and said I think that is the wrong cooler sure enough we measured it and it was 3 inches too small Duh it measured 9 inches wide instead of 12 which was the measurment of the correct one, Learned a lesson never trust afternoon shift to have the correct part there, of course they blamed me for not double checking and I admitted fault, but would have been nice if they had brought the right one over to begin with, we spent the rest of the day removing it and getting the correct one ready to install, I hate making mistakes like that..

I wish I would have started my truck earlier when it was warmer but it is almost done I still need to remove 2 broken studs from the head then I can install the exhaust manifold and finally button it up and get it inspected should have it finished up Monday.

Taking Mom to the doctors Monday for her blood work and a breathing test she has been feeling pretty good so it should be routine.

The weather has turned really cold here in Pa I have been burning wood for a week or so and got a nice toasty fire going on now and just feeling lazy watching some TV before bed..

Enjoy Life