Totally Lost

I seem to have lost my focus in Residential Electrical Theory class We covered several subjects Monday and Tuesday and today had a test Well I blew it so bad I got the test and did not know what to do and my answers were so far out in left field I could not believe it I actually did not know the answers I was so mad at myself when I got the test back I got a 71% Now there is no excuse for that I wired a 6.6KVA Stove with 10AWG wire and a 40 Amp Thermal Breaker (Don’t laugh too hard Bobbi) So wrong the wire would melt before the breaker kicked and the killer is I know better than that and we were supposed to show the NEC codes stating where we got our wiring information it all just seemed to blow over my head I was totally lost in the NEC book and I could not understand why. I pondered this after school till got a call from a friend to go to the Olive Garden for dinner I said what the heck and went. During my second endless Pasta Bowl (Garlic Alfredo W/ Angel Hair Pasta) I realized I may have just been taking Residential Theory class too lightly I got 100% on my last 3 tests and we just switched from 120 Volt to 240 Volt applications I have been so focused on Math (fractions UGH) and Basic Electric that I did not focus enough attention in class, Soooo This will never happen again I am over it and will take one class at a time and give each class 100% attention when I am there. Next we are covering Jet Pumps and Submersible water pumps I already spent my lab time going over it and found all the codes in the NEC book which is confusing as hell but I have Marked the pages highlighted the paragraphs and conversion tables and am ready for it… sigh Ok I am done venting on that subject

We had our first frost last night and it was quite cold today so when I came home I fired up the wood burner everything was fine with it and it warmed up fast I had my thermostat down to 65 degrees it is still warm in here so I am not going to bother lighting it up I will just use an extra blanket..

Ok there was something else I wanted to say but can’t remember and it is getting too late so I will close for now just wanted my unfocused day in writing My track ball is sticking Need to make a note to take apart and clean, must have been the chicken wings the other night.
Enjoy Life
Tim ;-(