Really Cold Morning

I Decided to take both today and tomorrow off they are my rest days but we have been working so much overtime I could have worked both days but as we are also working 10 hour days i just took both of these days off. I have a lot of plowing to get done both at mom' s place any mine I put the quad on trickle charge last night so it will be all charged up, but when I got up this morning it was -2 degrees out so i am going to make breakfast and wait till it is at least maybe 20 out. My wood burner has been working overtime but at least it is nice and toasty inside..

Only 7 more weeks till March oh speaking of march we went another year injury free so we get a weekend in Erie at the Casino again plus a nice dinner and celebration the dates are march 6th or march 20th so that is a good time to look forward to last year was a blast..

Enjoy Life