Happy 4th of July

Summer certainly seems to be flying by July already. I am off work today it is my regular scheduled day off but Monday is the offical paid day off which again is my regular day off. I was asked to work Monday I said of course only 2 other people wanted to work so there will be 3 of us, I am surprised that nobody else wanted to work well I guess they all had plans maybe I look at it different but really $500.00 for 8 hours work I had no problem with it. Starting Monday I will be working 13 days straight because next Monday will be the unvieling of 2 brand new locomotives custom built for us, they will be delivered Thursday I will post pictures when they get to the shop, it is a big deal and a big celebration so there is lots of work to be done to get ready for the event don't understand the big deal but am not going to question it, i am thinking it has a lot to do with government grant money being spent but don't know for sure that is just my guess..

it is almost 90 degrees out today was going to mow my grass is out of control I mowed Mom's the other day but did not do mine so maybe later on i might if it cools off but for now a load of laundry and going to kick the Harley into life and hit the road for a while, Oh got my new sprockets and drive chain for my old bike still need to order some things and decide on a seat but maybe I will do a little work on it today also.

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Enjoy Life